Saturday, March 18, 2017

February 2017

February being a short month seems to go fast and this year it went even faster. We packed a lot into February! Manny jumped into tax season...
My cousin stopped by for a quick visit! She hung out with us one Friday, and we took her to one of our favorites-MOD Pizza. Since I don't live by my family, it is always a treat when someone is in town or passing through!
It rained A LOT in February. We have definitely needed the rain, but we were all going stir crazy being cooped up inside. 
On the few days that it didn't rain...we headed to the park! 
We started a Parent and Me gymnastics class this month which is fun! Some weeks Gabriella loves it and some weeks she could care less or is just done. 
We had the most fun towards the end of the month when we tagged along on Manny's business trip to Las Vegas and then took the kids to Disneyland!!! Manny and I hadn't been to Disneyland since 2006, and Manny has been dying to take Gabriella so when we saw that they offer southern CA residents a 3 day pass deal, we jumped on it! It rained off and on all day, but we still had a blast! And are already counting down until we go again. We met up with Manny's brother and our sister-in-law which made the day even more fun!
At the end of February, Gabriella started speech therapy. She has the sweetest speech therapist and went right in with her the first day. And to our surprise, she said more words for the speech therapist than we thought she even knew. Woo hoo! 

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