Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Las Vegas 2017

    We tagged along on Manny's business trip to Las Vegas again this year and had a blast! It took Gabriella about 2 seconds to fall in love with hotel life....and she lived it up during our 3 days there.  She loved the big king bed, she loved the room service, and she loved her time with the ipad (haha). We stayed at the Mirage again and got to explore a little more this year!
   We arrived Monday afternoon, checked into the Mirage, and headed to Sprinkles Cupcakes! Manny had a business dinner that night so the kids and I ordered room service and went to bed. Night one was not fun with Madden. We forgot the pack N play and had to use a crib from the hotel which looked less than comfortable plus Madden's chunky legs kept getting stuck in it. So night one..the only person who slept was Gabriella.
   We headed to our favorite breakfast spot- the Pantry (in the Mirage) for breakfast each monring! 
   Manny was pretty busy during the afternoons and then all night (being wined and dined!) so the kids and I checked out a few places ourselves and ordered lots of room service (Gabriella's FAVORITE!).
  The kids and I checked out the Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden at the Mirage. Our pass was good for all day so we went a few times and loved it! We saw Dolphin training sessions, a few tigers, lions, and leopards. 
selfie with a tiger!;)

   We hung out with Manny when we could! We tried a BBQ place close to our hotel (our favorite food) but were a little disappointed. And then we let the kids play at the Beatles LOVE entrance.

Last Year....and This Year
   On our last night Manny headed out to be wined and dined again and the kids and I ate dinner one last time at the Pantry. 
   Madden went to bed early while Gabriella and I had one last hurrah and ordered room service. She cheered every time she saw room service ;) We had a lot of fun and at times were a little exhausted (thank you Madden), but we were thankful for a nice little getaway! See ya next year Vegas...

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