Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Madden- 8 months old

   At 8 months old, Madden weighs 24 pounds and is 28 inches long. He is still wearing 12-18 month clothes. This month Madden had a few milestones. He got his first teeth-2 bottom teeth...
...and he started sleeping through the night (FINALLY!!). Well until he got sick and then he was back up again, but we did cut out his night feeding. He transitioned himself out of a sleepsack after a big blowout and that's when his sleeping improved.
   He also started rolling everywhere and getting into everything! He is so much busier than Gabriella ever was, and it's been fun to see the difference between a boy and a girl. Madden loves to sit and play with his toys and grab at whatever his sister has.
   Speaking of toys...I'm not sure why we have any baby toys when all he really wants is whatever his sister has or any of her things.
   Madden eats 3 solid meals a day and some table food. He has a gag reflux so we've held back on a lot of table foods. If we distract him when he starts gagging, we usually can get a smile and he forgets that he was gagging (and then doesn't throw up). He is drinking 7-8 ounce bottles now.
   Madden is full of smiles and almost always happy! He has started separation anxiety and cries when Manny or I hand him off to others. 
   Madden is pretty laid back and go with the flow. He often has to improvise on his morning nap because we are out and about. He is a really good car sleeper and just lays his head back and falls asleep! He loves his sister and playing with/near her. She can always get him to laugh and smile.
   Madden visited Disneyland for the first time this month. We were there 7 hours and he did great! It was cold and rainy, and he did get a little sick of being bundled in the stroller. He did manage to fall asleep a few times.
with his uncle Alex and Aunt Tawny! Thanks for his first pair of Mickey ears :)
   The months continue to fly by and Madden continues to grow, grow, grow! We love to see the new things he develops! And just for are Gabriella and Madden side by side at 8 months. They have some of the same features but look so different at the same time.

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