Friday, March 31, 2017

Madden-9 months old

At 9 months old, Madden weighs 24 pounds 7 ounces and is 29 1/2 inches long. He is a rolly pollie and rolls everywhere. He can scoot backwards and has surprised us and can even scoot on his butt to get where he needs to go. He is a BUSY boy!
Madden loves to play (especially with his sister) and loves to be outside. He LOVES water and could sit in the pool all day if we let him. He also loves riding in the wagon. 

Madden has 3 teeth (2 bottoms and 1 upper). He started eating a lot more table food this month and loves it. In fact, he refused to eat baby food, and he prefers to feed himself his (table) food. Some of his favorites are macaroni and cheese, bananas, sweet potato, and spaghetti. He also seems to like meat too (yay because his sister does NOT!).
Madden "talks" and babbles alot. He says "mama" and "dada"....not as words-just more of babbling. But let the record show, "mama" was said first. haha! 
Madden is all boy. He loves to throw things, hit them together, bang on things, and he just plays rough. It is fun to see the difference between boys and girls :)
A few of Madden's favorites right now: pulling his sister's hair, his daddy, eating, playing in the water, chewing on shoes,  our dogs, and wagon rides. 
Madden doesnt ever sit still (even when he is sleeping, he is all over the place) but if the movie Trolls is on..
Madden had his 9 month pictures at a local park and our photographer gave us a sneak peek...
photo by ButterflyTree Photography
9 months has flown by with this little man! We love to see the new things he learning and discovering. Our days with this guy are filled with lots of smiles and laughs!

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