Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Day in the Life- 5/2/17

I love these day in the life posts. I love seeing what a typical day is like for others, and I really love to look back on ours because I have quickly forgotten what life was like a year ago (especially after adding a new baby). So here is a typical Tuesday in our life...5/2/17

We are up bright and early to workout so that we can get it in before the kids wake up..
I checked on the kids and then started my workout. I'm currently doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme-love love love Autumn Calabrese and her workouts :)
Both kids woke up a little after 6 am and watched a little tv with their dad while they were still waking up.
We had breakfast and then got ready because on this morning we had MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers). I do Gabriella's hair while she eats breakfast and watches the ipad (otherwise its major drama). 
 On our way to MOPS....and this is where I forgot to take any pictures until we were back home for lunch. Stuffed animals always come with us....
We got home from MOPS, had lunch, hung out with daddy (who was home on his lunch break), and then the kiddos went down for their naps. 
While the kids nap I usually work on my bible study, watch a tv show, or read a book. I try hard to have my me time because I NEED it :) On this day, I was reading The Couple Next Door
 Madden woke up around 2:30 and then we went in to wake Gabriella up so that we could go to Speech Therapy. If the weather is nice (and not to crazy hot), we walk to speech therapy. On this day, we were running a little late so we drove :)
 Having a hard time waking up....
 still can't wake up...
 Gabriella LOVES her speech therapist, and we are so thankful for miss Qira. She is the BEST!
After speech, the kids played in the backyard and then had an early dinner before Manny got home from work. 
Manny got home around 5:30 from work and we took our dinner in the backyard to eat while the kids played in the pool. We decided to make this a new tradition this summer :)
 Playing in the pool always exhausts the kids so they were in bed early. Who am I kidding...Madden can hardly make it past 6:30 pm anways :) I think both kids were asleep by 7 pm ;)
 Manny and I watched some tv before heading to bed....early haha!
 checked on the kiddos before we went to bed
 and bed before 9 pm because 4:30 am comes early!

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