Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Chicago-Spring 2017

We spent most of the month of April in the Chicago area visiting my family. The kids and I flew to Chicago  and then Manny joined us a week later. Our nonstop flight into Chicago was....NOT fun at all. I had 2 very cranky and sleep deprived kids. I finally got Madden to sleep, and we had a peaceful 20 minutes when Gabriella started coughing and threw up all over herself and the airplane seat. The sweet man next to me held Madden while I cleaned her off and changed her into Madden's extra pair of clothes because I hadn't thought to pack her any extras for a 4 hour flight. #momfail Our flight ended with me holding Gabriella (who fell asleep) on my lap and holding onto Madden while he sat in the seat next to me.
The kids had double ear infections and I had a major cold so we didn't get a whole lot of sleep, but we had a blast being with family and the kids loved playing with their cousins. 
We did nothing almost the entire time we visited, and it was glorious. The kids played outside a lot...and we went to Target alot :) but otherwise, we just relaxed....which is just what we all needed! 
We loved meeting baby Halle. Gabriella finally has another girl in the family, and she just LOVES baby Halle. She wanted to sit by her, touch her, kiss her etc. (things she does NOT do with her brother haha).
Our days included lots of dirt, lots of walks, and lots of dance parties in the kitchen.
On Good Friday, we picked up Luke's fiance, Janzyn, and Manny from the airport and our Easter weekend began.
On Monday, Manny and I took the kids to downtown Chicago-our old stomping grounds. In college, we LOVED spending time in the city. So we headed to the Children's Museum at Navy Pier. We did the museum, walked around Navy Pier, and ate pizza at our favorite-Giordano's.
On Tuesday, we headed back into the city with my sister and her family to visit Shedd Aquarium. I hadn't been there in 10 (ish?) years so it was fun to be back. The kids loved all the "fishies". Their favorite were the seals and being splashed by them :)
The kids spent a few more days with family while Manny and I traveled to Washington D.C. They had a blast spending time with everyone and hardly missed us ;)  We had a nice and relaxing Chicago trip this spring, and we look forward to being there again later this summer!

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