Sunday, May 7, 2017

Washington D.C. Days 1-2

Manny and I left the kids with my parents and flew to Washington D.C. for a wedding that Manny was in. We decided to make a little vacation out of it so we arrived into D.C. a few days early to spend some time sightseeing and exploring the city. The day before we left, we had been talking about how Chicago was our favorite city. After this trip, hands down our favorite city is Washington D.C. We are dying to go back because it was so awesome, and we had the best time!!

Our flight left bright (actually I think it was still dark) and early Wednesday morning, and we landed into D.C at 10 am. I had a mild heart attack as we were landing at Dulles because we flew right over the water onto the jetway-I was sure we were doing a water landing. haha
We dropped our luggage off at our hotel and walked to the White House so we could meet our friends for lunch. While we were checking out the White House, the New England Patriots were arriving for an event there so we got to see them (from a distance-getting off their busses...but still we saw them!).
We had lunch at the Artisan (which was great!) and then headed to the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. It was surreal to be standing there and looking at the original documents. After the National Archives, we headed to the Capitol. 
We made our way back through "the Mall" (area between the Capitol and Lincoln Memorial with all the museums, monuments etc) and stopped at the Museum of American Indians and the Museum of American History. I was so excited for the Museum of American Indians because I've loved all things Native American growing up. The museum was a total bust. I've seen so much better in Montana, Oregon etc. The Museum of American History was one of our favorites though! We loved everything there. We had dinner at Plan B Burger and then headed back to check into our hotel. 
American Nachos...yummm

On Day 2, we were up and at the White House for our 10 am tour of the East Wing. It was (again) so surreal and overwhelming to be there. The East Wing was so gorgeous. It was crazy to be standing in rooms that Presidents have been in, to see things from back in the 1800's, and to be standing in the room where both President Lincoln and President Kennedy's bodies were laid after their assasinations.
After our tour, we ate lunch at Hill Country BBQ Market. It was some of the best BBQ we've ever had!....We love our BBQ!!! After being seated, we went up and ordered our meats at one counter and then sides at another counter (just like a marketplace) which was a fun change from places we normally eat at. One of the best parts was being able to sample everything before we bought it! The food was so awesome!
We went to the Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian visitor center after lunch and then headed to Ford's Theatre and Peterson House for our tours there.
 The museum under Ford's Theatre was really interesting, and we spent a lot of time there. We then made our way up to the theatre to see where President Lincoln was assassinated. After that, we walked across the street to Peterson House to see where Lincoln was taken after his assassination and where he died. 
We were exhausted after Ford's Theatre and started heading back to our hotel when we got a call that we could have a private tour of the Capitol by a former Congresswoman. #yesplease We were able to walk right into the Capitol and go basically anywhere. The Capitol building was so beautiful and overwhelming. We could have spent hours looking around! Some of our favorites were- going up the staircase that made it through when the Capitol was burned down in 1814, seeing the old Senate Chambers (where they met from 1819-1859), seeing the Senate Chambers now (we barely made it-they were closing up but let us go inside for a few minutes), and the Rotunda. The architecture of the Capitol is so amazing. Again, pictures don't do it justice.
After our tour, we headed to eat at the Tortilla Coast and then ubered back to our hotel. By that point, we had walked 26 miles in two days.  We.were.exhausted! We crashed when we got back to our hotel and took a nap before heading out to hang out with our friends before the wedding craziness started!

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