Thursday, June 8, 2017

May 2017 Part 1

Looking back on the month of May, we crammed a lot of things in and did a lot of fun stuff so I'm splitting up the month into two different posts! We used our last day on our (3 day) Disneyland Pass. Our first stop was of course to see Minnie. This time Manny and I split up a little. He took Mads and went to Pirates of the Carribean (Gabriella would've been scared) and I took Gabriella to the Carousel and the tea cups. She LOVED the tea cups and laughed the entire time. We checked out a lot of rides that we handn't been on and saw a few new characters too!
The weather in May was awesome! It wasn't too hot or too cool so we spent a lot of time outside. It was still a little cold for the big pool but our little pool in our backyard was perfect because we could fill it up around noon and after naps the water was warmer. 
Gabriella learned how to climb up the slide :)
We took advantage of the cool mornings and not so hot afternoons and took lots of walks to look for flowers (Gabriella's new favorite thing).
Gabriella had her very first dentist appointment this month. Manny and I both thought she would probably freak out and be uncooperative but she proved us wrong and was awesome. One of my besties works there so I think that helped :) She let them check her, do a cleaning, and get x-rays. So far her teeth look really good- yay!
We met friends at open gym for gymanstics one day (for now we stopped doing the classes) so it was fun to be back for a day. Gabriella even got a little daring and jumped into the foam pit! And Madden has no fear and just dove on in head first. 
 Grandma Eppie stayed with us one weekend. We always love to have her over-she is so sweet and the easiest houseguest ever.
 I had a training for MOPS one Saturday so Manny took the kids to a bounce house. Madden loved it for about an hour and then he was done, and Gabriella could've stayed and played all day.

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