Monday, July 10, 2017

June 2017

June can be summed up in two words....swimming and beach. We were at the pool almost every day and the beach on most weekends. We live 45 minutes from the beach and at most have gone two times a year so this summer we decided to go at least twice a month, and we are all loving it!...well maybe not Madden. He hates the ocean and cries if he gets to close, but give the boy some snacks on a blanket and he is content.
We spent most afternoons after naps at the pool and some evenings when Manny got home from work. Gabriella could stay in the water all day long if we let her. She LOVES when other kids are playing in the pool too and she is always running and jumping in with them. Madden tolerates the water and would (once again) rather be sitting on a towel watching the kids and eating his snacks.  
We tried to get to the park when we could before it turned crazy hot. We even checked out a new one on a Saturday morning and had a great time exploring.
On Father's Day weekend, my uncle happened to be in town for a conference so we met up with him for breakfast. I always love when something brings my family to southern California, and I get to see them!
Manny took Gabriella to see her first movie at the movie theatre. They saw Cars 3 and loved it. She managed to talk Manny into an icee, popcorn, and candy for the movie. Manny said she did pretty good but got restless and walked around the aisle a little during the movie. 
On Father's Day, we headed to the beach. It wasn't too crowded and the weather wasn't too hot. It was the perfect day to celebrate our favorite guy :)
Madden had his one year pictures and cake smash towards the end of June. 
We had a family night one Sunday evening. We watched a movie, had a little picnic on the living room floor complete with a little brushetta bar. We all loved it! Gabriella is a pretty picky eater but she tried just about everything and ate right up.
We finished June with a ONE YEAR OLD and a lot of time spent in the water! It's been a great kickoff to summer! 

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