Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weekend in the life- (Workin' it Wednesday)

Today I am linking up for Workin it Wednesday and this month's topic is a weekend in the life. We try to keep our weekends pretty low key but at the same time do a few activities. Usually we try to keep one day a weekend where we are just home so if Saturday we have a lot going on, we go to church Sunday morning and stay home the rest of the day and then vice versa. Occasionally, our weekends end up being all out crazy but we really try and keep that to a minimum. This summer our weekends look a lot like this...
Our weekends start on Friday at 3 pm when Gabriella finishes up Speech Therapy. We usually stop and get a treat somewhere-a donut (my kids call them "nummies"), froyo etc. On this day we beat the crazy 110 degree heat and headed to ChickFilA for iced tea, cookies, and the play area. 
Friday nights after Manny gets home we usally hit the pool (and make our kids extra tired!). After the kids are in bed, we binge watch one of our shows. We just finished up Revenge and just started House of Cards.
Saturday's we usually take the kids to a park or run errands in the morning. We do alot of swimming on these days too! And then my brother-in-law and his 2 year old son come and hang out with us during the afternoonn. 
Lately, we have been going to church on Saturday nights because we've been heading to the beach Sunday morning. So on this Saturday evening we were at church :)
Saturday nights look about the same as Friday nights-kids go down and we binge watch a show. Sundays we have been waking up and heading to the beach. This particular Sunday, we spent the day in San Diego. First stop was La Jolla. 
 The little red wagon goes just about everywhere with us! It's so much easier and lighter than a stroller and the kids love it. 
 Of course since we were in La Jolla,we had to make a stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes! Yummm..

 We headed to lunch at Sandbox Pizza in Pacific Beach. Manny's buddy from high school manages it so we got to catch up with him and try a new place out. Sandbox Pizza is super cute and the food was great! We had mozzerella sticks and a pizza (obviously)!
 And last stop for the day was Pacific Beach. It is always fun to check out new beaches. This one was a little crowded but we still had a great time.
Sunday evenings we food prep/get everything else ready for the week and then we relax, relax, relax! 

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Any weekend that starts with Chick Fil A is bound to be a success! :)