Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Touchdown and Tutus Birthday Party

We decided this year (and probably every year until our kids care) to have a joint birthday dinner with family for both Madden and Gabriella. Since they are only a month apart and their cousin also has a birthday in between them, it would be a lot of birthday get togethers in one month for this family. Gabriella will have her own little party with friends and then her actual birthday falls during our vacation so doing their birthday dinner together on Madden's 1st birthday worked out perfectly.

This year we went with a "Touchdowns and Tutus" theme. I ordered invitations through Zazzle. I honestly could have just sent a text to the family with the party information, but I think paper invitiations instantly make the party seem more special. Plus, I found these and couldn't resist!
I kept it simple and just decorated with flowers, footballs, and ribbon banners. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing (and attending) parties where people go all out, but I really try and keep things simple and keep costs down. 
To keep with the football theme, we did a Nacho Bar. It was so easy to put together and everyone loved it! Plus with many people trying to eat healthy these days, I felt like items in a Nacho Bar can be eaten and still keep people on track (shredded chicken, avacados, veggies etc). There was something for everyone!
For desserts, I tried to have a few varieties-cupcakes, rice krispie treats, and dipped pretzels. Ok, is it just me or does no one eat desserts anymore?! A few were eaten but I ended up just throwing a lot of them away. 
I made little mini cakes for my kids to eat. The perfectionist in me will probably NOT be doing that again, but it was fun to try once :) One kid loved when we sang to them and the other was totally embarrassed. 
The fed each other and ate off of each other's cakes because someone else's is always better ;)
Poor Madden wasn't very into the party because he had had shots at the doctor that morning (poor timing on my part), but the rest of us had a great time! Happy 1st Birthday, Mads! And Happy 3rd Birthday, Gabs! We love celebrating you!

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