Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Gabriella-3 years old

Gabriella Reese turned 3 years old on July 28th! We were in North Dakota for my brother's wedding so she got to spend her birthday with family this year, and she was thrilled! We celebrated with donuts for breakfast at our hotel and then we took her to get Starbucks and her nails painted. She loved her day!
Gabriella is very sweet, shy, and a little sassy! She is thoughtful, very observant, and remembers EVERYTHING. She is saying more words/phrases, and we are starting to understand her better. #thankyouspeechtherapy
Gabriella is obsessed with stuffed animals. They are her babies. I can't even count the number she has but she keeps collecting and collecting. She loves each and every one of them and takes very good care of them.  They do everything she does- slide/swing/eat/cry/dress up etc. They even get in trouble :)
Gabriella has turned into a pretty picky eater #wonderwhereshegetsitfrom ... she does LOVE her fruit and vegetables so I can't really complain. She isn't really a breakfast eater, doesn't care for meat, and is hit or miss with things like pasta. Some of her favorites are: pizza, donuts (she calls them nummies), watermelon, strawberries, carrots, corn, yogurt, apples, and bbq sauce. She asks all day long for "no-no" (milk). 
Some of Gabriella's favorite things at 3 years old: Disneyland (especially seeing Minnie Mouse), the beach, swimming in the pool, playing with friends, helping in the kitchen (whenever I am making something she drags a chair up to help!), her cousins, dancing, wearing dresses, having her nails painted, flowers, and taking walks. 
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