Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Books (August 2017)

Here are the books I read in August! I was on vacation the first part of August so I had some time to relax and read, read, read! And then instead of cleaning and getting caught up when I got home, I just kept reading :)
I've been searching for a good book about parenting when my Pastor happened to mention this book in a Podcast, and I couldn't read it fast enough! I was about half way through the first chapter when I told my hubby he needs to read this too. It"s about parenting with love and freedom as opposed to fear and control. I took away so much, and we are implementing a lot of what I read with our kids. Our house is already feeling more peaceful :)

This one was written different than any book I've ever read, and I really liked it! A girl goes missing (hence the title) and then the next chapters are from almost the end of the investigation to the beginning. I was intrigued the entire time, and it kept me guessing until the end!

I love a good beachy read and this one did not disappoint. This book is about identical twin sisters who switch lives (one lives in Nantucket and the other in Martha's Vineyard). I really liked this one and could hardly put it down!

We are big fans of Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze in this house so I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. There are so many good take aways from this book, and I know it is one that I will read over and over as we begin to teach our kids about money. I highly recommend all of Dave Ramsey's books and his Financial Peace University!

I read Mrs. Kennedy and Me last month so I thought I would read Five Presidents which is written by a former Secret Service man who served...you guessed it...5 presidents! There was A LOT of information, and at times, I found myself skimming, but I really liked reading about what Clint Hill's life was like in the Secret Service and learning a little more about each of the Presidents he served (how they acted, what their lives were like behind the scenes etc).

Have any good books that you have been reading?! Please comment and let me know!!!!

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