Thursday, September 28, 2017

My family visits southern CA

Last week most of my family flew out here to spend a week with us, and we had a blast! We drove all over southern CA and ran our kids ragged! :) Here are some of the highlights from our time together...

We spent one day park hopping between Disneyland and California Adventure. I have hardly any pictures because we were too busy and having too much fun to stop and take pictures....which to me is the sign of a pretty good day :) My nephews LOVED Disneyland, and we all loved seeing their sweet faces light up when they met characters and went on rides. We put in a 12 hour day at Disney and all 6 kids (6 and under) did awesome! 

We visited a pumkin patch and zoo. The kids rode ponies, raced tractors, we took a train ride through the park, and we ended at the zoo where the highlight was petting goats. 

We spent one day in San Diego and our first stop was a tour of the USS Midway. This was so interesting and the kids loved it! Their favorite thing was sitting in the helicopters and airplanes (and pushing all the buttons!). The flight deck was crazy that planes can take off from that short runway. The rest of my family toured the lower part of the USS Midway to see the galley, captains quarters, etc and thought it was really interesting. We would have loved to see it too but were dealing with a toddler meltdown :)

After the USS Midway, we drove a few miles north to La Jolla, one of our favorite little beach towns. It is so cute! We ate lunch at Smashburger and then walked along the coast to see the seals. We found a little spot on the beach where the kids could get in the water, and they had a blast! 

We spent their last full day in California at Newport Beach! This time we were prepared for the beach and the kids had swim suits haha! We had the best beach weather! It was warm, sunny, and so clear (we could see Catalina Island), and the beach was not crowded at all. It was perfect! 

We had the best time together and were sad the fun had to end. Until next time sweet fam bam! 

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  1. It sounded like you guys had the best time! I hadn't heard of the USS Midway and we've been down that way a couple of times. I'll have to keep that in mind... it sounds fun!