Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Books (September 2017)

I read four books in September and really only loved one of them. I have a lot from the library on my nightstand so I'm hoping October is a better reading month.

This was the first book I read this month, and it was ok. It's about four couples who are best friends, and then one couple dies in a boating accident. I was interested at first to find out everything behind the accident, but otherwise didn't care for this book all that much. There were too many main characters so I had a hard time keeping them straight and then there were some weird interactions between the couples that I didn't care for either. 

This book is a sweet and easy read.  It's about two sisters- one who relocates herself after a divorce and the other whose marriage is falling apart- and how they lean on each other/rebuild their lives. I was really only interested in one of the sister's story lines so I guess I really only cared for half of the book?! 

This is the one book this month that I loved! This book is about a blogger who catches her husband cheating and then drives his sports car into their pool. She soon is locked out of her house, her blog, and her life as she knew it. So she is forced to rebuild her life all the while dealing with her sentencing from a judge. She attends therapy sessions and soon finds out things aren't quite right with the therapist leading her group sessions. This is a sweet read with a little humor! 

The last book I read this month was another ok one. It's about three woman in Australia whose lives intertwine. One of them stumbles across a letter from her (alive) husband that she isn't supposed to read until he is dead. What is in the letter ties all the woman together in a different way. So I was interested in the first couple chapters and then was powering through the book because I wanted to know what was in the letter. I heard the ending was pretty good so that was my motivation to keep going and finish. The ending definitely doesn't disappoint and has some twists but overall I didn't really care for this book. 

What books have you read lately?! I'm hoping that my October reading is much more exciting and not such a bust like September...

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  1. I read The Husbands Secret and even though I thought there was a couple interesting parts, it wasn't my favorite either. I prefer books that don't have so many main characters to flip back and forth between. I'm good with two. :)