Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday Talk: Halloween Traditions

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...and I am talking Halloween Traditions. This is the first year I have one kid who (kind of) gets it as far as the holidays go, and it makes me excited! I really want to make holidays special for my family and since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought I'd start there. Here are some of our traditions-some new, some we've done in the past few years, and then I want your suggestions too!

1. The Pumpkin Patch
Last year we visited the pumpkin patch on Halloween morning and quickly decided that will be a Halloween day tradition until my kids are in school (I love the little years for being able to do things like this before they start school!). The pumpkin patch last Halloween was not crowded at all and was a fun and relaxing morning before all the candy chaos later in the day. We have already been to a few pumpkin patches this year (you can never visit too many!) and are looking forward to visiting one more on Halloween morning :)

2. Festive Food
I love all the festive food this time of the year and one of my favorite places to get it is Trader Joes! The halloween Jo Joes were fun, the pumpkin bars were a big hit, and my favorite was the cute pumpkin pasta I found. I don't know if they are supposed to look like pumpkins or not but at first glance I thought they were and grabbed them. I was pleasantly surprised to see they are made out of butternut squash! #winwin

3. Haunted House Cookie kit
I love a good gingerbread house during Christmastime and was excited to find this Halloween one at Trader Joes! #traderjoesforthewin

4. Festive Books
This year I started adding seasonal books, and my kids are loving these Fall/Halloween ones.
Little Blue Truck Halloween
Pumpkin Prayer
My Pumpkin
Apple Farmer Annie
One, Two, BOO!

5. Halloween Dinner
How fun are these?! Our tradition is to have pizza for dinner on Halloween before we head out trick-or-treating. I saw these cheetos this year, and thought they would be fun to have with pizza. Plus, they can be a teaching moment with our 3 year old to learn to put together the skeleton. I also picked up these pumpkin plates to use with all of our meals on Halloween.

6. Trick-or-Treating
We've done a few different things on Halloween night in the past years- trunk or treat at a local park, trick-or-treating in our town, and a Fall festival at a local church. This year (being a weeknight/worknight) we are just going to keep it simple and head to our local park for the trunk or treat and then do a little trick-or-treating in the area.

Ok what are some Halloween traditions that you have or fun Halloween things that you are doing this year?! I'm always looking for ideas!!!

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