Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! We made it. I don't know about you but this was the longest week ever thanks to the time change and my toddlers. Sunday morning they woke up at their normal time, and I thought we had beat it, but oh no.....they have been all over the place this week-one morning at 4:30 am...BOTH.of.them, one kid up from 1-3 am one random morning, and both waking up anywhere from 5 am on. Ahh! :)Here is to hoping that we adjust by the end of the weekend. As always, I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorites this week... 

These two have become quite the little buddies lately....and they have also mastered bugging each other (funny how that comes naturally?!?!). Much of my day involves using my mom voice to tell them no, stop touching, stop screaming, give back that toy, leave him/her alone, etc but then there are sweet moments like this. Their new thing is to sit at the table and play with their toys (and they are far enough apart to not touch each other #winning). p.s. disregard my half decorated tier tray. That's one thing I never got around to finishing so I guess I will just wait for Christmas decorations :)

I just finished The Emotionally Healthy Woman this week with my church's Bible study. This book (and my Bible study!) quickly became a favorite of mine this Fall. Honestly, when I saw the title, I wasn't that excited because I thought it was geared towards woman who are more emotional and that isn't really me (currently) BUT it is so not that at all, and I think this is a book that every woman needs to read. This book has 8 chapters and each deals with quitting something. These are things like being afraid of what other's think, overfunctioning, blaming, living someone else's life, lying etc. Each chapter was full of so many relatable things, and I took away so much. This book is definitely one that I will be pulling out every 6 months or yearly as a refresher and for encouragement :)

 Ready or not here come the holidays. It is my favorite time of year, but I know it can also be pretty stressful too. I'm really trying to work ahead and be organized this year so I can just enjoy the season. This week I blogged about some simple tips for holiday planning. Hopefully you will find some of the tips helpful because ready or not here they come!

Have you listened to this Podcast?! A friend of mine recommended it, and I love it! The episodes are short (15 minutes) and they cover so many topics on parenting. My husband and I have both gained so much wisdom and also felt encouraged as new (ish) parents listening to these.

I am dying to decorate for Christmas, but we are hosting Thanksgiving so decorating has to wait until the day after (or Thanksgiving night...depending on how much energy I have!) so instead we have been listening to all the Christmas music and busting out the Christmas jammies. This year I got the kids' pj's from Target, and they are so soft. If you are looking for Christmas pj's check out these ones for girls and these for boys.

That's it for this week. Hope you all have a great weekend :)

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  1. I hear you on the love hate relationship of siblings! Mine are always together yet they get on each other's nerves quickly! I like your tiered tray--decorated or not:)