Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

We had a great time doing all the Halloween things this year. It's our first year as parents that we have had a kid who is starting to get it when it comes to holidays. Gabriella was thrilled to see all the lights, halloween decorations, dress up, and she could spot a pumpkin from a mile away. This year Halloween fell on a Tuesday so we celebrated a little the few days before, and then had a great time on Halloween.

On Sunday night, we attended a Trunk-or-Treat at a local church, and it was the cutest! This was the perfect thing for our little kids because there wasn't a ton of walking, they got to stop and play fun games (and see cars decorated), and then they got to jump the night away on jumpers. We had the best time at this!

The night before Halloween, the kids and I worked on a cookie haunted house..

This one loved trying to help and anytime a wall fell you better believe she had her stuffed animal and was playing inside the house :)

While Gabriella and I built the house, someone took a bite out of all the pieces...which quickly led to this...

It was fun while it lasted :)

On Halloween, Manny brought home donuts for breakfast, and then the kids and I headed out for our yearly tradition...

...we visit the pumpkin patch on Halloween morning! This year we checked out a new one- Greenspot Farms- and loved it! It is really pretty around the farm and the kids were excited to see all the animals (a cow, horse, ponies, pigs, chickens, bunnies, goats), but the biggest hit were the two dogs roaming around the farm. 

The weather was chilly and the sky was overcast so it finally felt like Fall (it was 100 degrees last week). We had the best morning here!

We had a lazy afternoon (Madden napped) and then pizza for dinner before we headed out with Anna and Olaf for some Trick-or-Treating.
Our town puts on a cute little event at a local park where the kids can trunk-or-treat and play games so we met some friends there and did that and then walked around a little to trick-or-treat in town. Both our kids loved it this year and Madden could even say "trick-or-treat" by the end of the night!

Happy Halloween 2017!

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  1. Haha! That picture of him eating the pieces to the house and your daughters face. So funny! These are definitely pictures you'll want to save and remember.