Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Our Fall (2017)

Thanksgiving is already next week, and I am wondering where Fall went this year?! We packed a lot in and had a blast, but it went so fast. At the end of summer, I felt like I had a baby and a toddler but the past few months my baby has turned into a full blown toddler (tantrums and all--ha!). Both of my kids seemed to have really grown up the past few months. Really, we've all grown this Fall in different ways and are finally settling into a groove.   I'm finally getting more sleep...but I'm using my mom voice A LOT more and am learning the art of distraction now that we have double the toddlers around here. We've enjoyed a new routine this Fall and all the extra activities we have on our calendar, but at the same time are looking forward to a little break as we head into the Christmas season :)

Here are some things that have gone on around here this Fall...
Gabriella started dance and LOVES it! I didn't grow up dancing and really had no intention of putting her in it, but we found her dancing around the house and trying to imitate characters and do dance moves while watching movies. So we put her in a jazz, tap, and ballet combo and she is doing great! She has a winter recital coming up, and I am amazed that she even remembers her little routine. Gabriella continues to go to speech therapy once a week and is doing really well! She is stringing more words/phrases together and we laugh at some of the clever things she comes up with. Dance and Speech Therapy are her highlights during the week and otherwise she is a homebody. She spends her time playing with her stuffed animals (and collecting all kinds of things around our house to use for them), legos, and anything to do with Disney princesses.  

Madden has changed the most this Fall. He (finally) started walking around 15 months, and as I type this is running all over the place. He is a full blown toddler, and he keeps us on our toes. He loves to be outside, bug his sister, play with his cars, and take baths. He spends most of his days asking for a "nak" (snack), to go "owsigh" (outside), or to take a "ba" (bath). Despite being on the go all the time and losing his baby fat, he still managed to gain 3 pounds and grow 2 inches the last few months. He is in the 98th percentile for weight and 95th for height.

This Fall we bought annual passes for Disneyland and are having a blast going! I think we had gotten our moneys worth in the first month of having them :) ...and I was even brave enough to take the kids one day by myself. All four of us love going, and the look on the kids' little faces is priceless. One perk with having passes is being able to try out new rides each time we go and not feeling like we have to cram a bunch into one day. Manny and I had to laugh though because it didn't take us long to figure out that a certain 3 year old is a major crab and doesn't want to do anything when we get there until she has seen her beloved Minnie Mouse. Every single time we go, we stand in line to see Minnie, and Gabriella is just as thrilled as the first time she ever saw Minnie.

Gabriella got her first real haircut from an actual salon and loved every minute of it! And Madden had his first haircut his dad. Madden thought it was hilarious and laughed the entire time :)

We did all the fun Fall things and had a blast!...despite the 100 degree weather. AH! We loved seeing Fall and Halloween all over the place.... I've never noticed how many inflatable pumpkins there are in southern California until I had a 3 year old pointing them all out :)! We visited pumpkin patches and farms, and did the trunk-or-treat/trick-or-treat thing too. It's been so fun this year to see and experience things through our kids' eyes. 

Well that wraps up our highlights (as well as my family visiting) from the last few months. We are looking forward to family time next week for Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

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