Tuesday, December 12, 2017

All The (Christmas) Things Part 1

Happy Monday! For the next few weeks, I am going to be re-capping the Christmas fun we are having around here. Instead of one LONG post, I thought I would just break it up by week through Christmas. We normally keep things pretty low key around here, but this season we have been trying to be out and about a little more doing all the fun Christmas stuff, and we are loving it! When Christmas is over, we will be more than ready to go back to simple and low key but for now we are having a great time. 

Each night, we are reading a Christmas book and then doing Advent Calendars. Since our kids are little, we just have ones with chocolate for each day (from Sprouts). It is something that both of them look forward to each night, which is funny because it is the smallest piece of chocolate ever. Ha! :)

Here is a little bit of our fun this past week.....

We went to Disneyland to enjoy the Christmas decorations one more time before our passes block out. We had a fun day and surprisingly got to do quite a few rides (thank you low crowds in the am!) before it got crazy busy. 

We waited in line at California Adventure to see Santa, and this one was thrilled! She ran up to him and hopped right on his lap :)

I took the kids to Bass Pro shops for their anual picture with Santa. One kid loved it but the other not so much :)

We went to see all the Christmas lights at the Mission Inn (in Riverside) one night. The weather was perfect, and we all liked seeing the lights. However, being told we weren't going to do any rides put a damper on a certain 3 year old's attitude (sigh). 

My favorite Christmas activity that we have done so far is a Christmas lights hayride at one of our favorite little farms-Greenspot Farms. We visited this farm for the first time on Halloween and then returned for this hayride, and it was the CUTEST! We arrived a little early so that the kids could see the animals around the farm. There was a fire pit and Christmas movie going while we waited for the hayride to begin, and we also got to see Santa too. My kids loved the hayride and Madden had his arms up yelling "YAY!" almost the entire time! This is something that we plan to make a yearly tradition because it was so fun!

That's a wrap on our Christmas fun for this past week. We are resting up this week, and then hitting it hard again over the weekend! What fun Christmas things are you doing?!

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  1. I am so jealous how close your are to Disneyland! My kids would be in heaven. Sounds like a festive few weeks!