Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Home Tour

Happy Tuesday! Today I am linking up with Andrea and showing my Christmas decorations for 2017. So this past year, I started going through all of our stuff and getting rid of things we just aren't using anymore and things that I don't really love. My holiday decorations were included in that, but I figured I would find other cute stuff when the holidays rolled around....and well I haven't really found much this year. And since I am not buying things unless I really love them, our Christmas decorations are a little more bare than I would like, but that's ok because I have a good base of stuff to build off of. So seriously....where are you finding your cute stuff?!??!

Ok here is Christmas at the DeAndas this year.
I love all the rustic and lodge type stuff at Christmas. And I LOVE a good snowman :)

I actually didn't hang any balls on our tree this year because last year my 2 year old couldn't keep her hands off the tree and they kept breaking. Since I now have two tree touchers, I decided to not even mess with them this year :)

The football and the snowmen are my very favorite ornaments because they were our very first ornaments. I gave the football to my husband our last Christmas at college (shortly after we had gotten engaged). It has #75 on it which was his college football number. And my mom had gotten the snowman one for our first Christmas as a married couple. 

These are my little kid friendly decorations/books that my kids get to play with! This Little People nativity has been a big hit this year :)

Moving on to my kitchen...
 these guys sit on top of our refrigerator 

Last year was the first year we did Santa pictures, and I loved pulling this out! If you have a Bass Pro near you, I highly recommend visiting Santa there (more about it in this post) because you get a picture and a frame for free. 

and this year's Santa picture and frame...
p.s. That candle is my FAVORITE smelling Christmas one. It is from DW Home and called Peppermint Snow. It smells sooooooo good. I picked it up at HomeGoods!

And that's a peek into our home this Christmas. Where are you finding your Christmas decorations this year?!?!?


  1. Your home looks so festive!! I am all about getting rid of things including christmas decorations, that I don't love. I really need to pick up that candle-sounds awesome.

  2. I love that snowman ornament from your first Christmas, so special! You have a very fun & festive home :)