Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday- Staying Sane During the Holidays!

Happy Wednesday! Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika to share some simple tips for staying sane during the holidays. This is a little ironic because I have been out doing all the things and was forced to slow it WAY down this week when I came down with the flu. Now I am self-diagnosing myself but I have all the symptoms for influenza so there has been a lot of rest going on around here :) 

Here are some tips for staying sane this holiday season!

1. Remember the reason. It's so easy to get caught up in the gifts, expenses associated with the holidays, stress, doing all the things etc so when I find myself doing these things, I try to stop and remember the reason for the season. And it is so simple. It's celebrating Jesus' birth! 

2. Invest in people. Again it is so easy to get caught up in doing all the things and running ourselves ragged in the process, so I really try and stop and not only have some cozy and quiet nights at home with my family where we can really be present, but I also schedule some activities with friends and family where we can get together and just enjoy the holiday season together. These are simple things like getting together for dinner or getting our kids together to make Christmas cookies. Nothing that takes a lot of effort, just little things to get us together.

3. Do things to make your life easier. I remember last year when we hosted Christmas, I slaved away and made a ton of homemade food and spent hours and hours in the kitchen. And you know what? Most of it didn't even get eaten (because there was so much food!). It was then that I decided I am going to start doing things to make my life easier during the holidays even if it costs a little more. So this year, we are (first pairing down the amount of food-ha! but also...) buying more store bought foods like meat and cheese trays, desserts, side dishes etc. Maybe the food area isn't a struggle for you but another area consumes a lot of your time. Figure out what that is and how you can simplify it. 

4. Plan and make ahead. This year I am really trying to prepare as much ahead of time as I can. I've been grocery shopping early, buying Christmas gifts early (and wrapping them as they arrive), and preparing what I can for get togethers early too.  That way nothing really becomes a chore and is ready to go when I need it. 

What are some things that you are doing to stay sane this holiday season?!

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