Wednesday, January 3, 2018

All the (Christmas) Things Part 3

Happy New Year! I ended up being MIA throught the second half of December after getting influenza (self-diagnosed but I had all the symptoms) and was totally wiped. I had every intention of blogging after Christmas, but I was still recovering. I finally have got it together and today am re-capping the last few Christmas things we did.

We took advantage of some friends being off school the week before December and had park dates, and then we invited them over to decorate cookies. It was so fun!

Madden ate as he "decorated" :)

On Christmas Eve Eve, we met our friends to look at Christmas lights and see Santa. This is something we started doing last year and will hopefully be a yearly tradition. Our kids loved it- the lights, seeing Santa ride in on a fire truck, sitting on Santa's lap (well for some...), and then getting to sit in the firetruck!

On Christmas Eve, we woke up and went to church. Our church just had morning services since it was Sunday, and this service was a family one so our kids sat in with us. They loved the singing...and then may or may not have been watching a movie on the phone... :)

We met up with my in-laws for lunch to celebrate my brother-in-law's 20th birthday. After that, everyone came over for cake. Think my kids were excited about the cake?!?!

The rest of Christmas Eve was really relaxing-lots of snacks and movies. Christmas morning our kids were up at 6 am....and ready to go! They had no idea they were getting presents (I hadn't kept any under the tree because it wasn't a battle I wanted to fight every day) so they were excited. First up, they got a bike (Gabriella) and a strider (Madden).

The loved opening presents and after all was said and done, I realized I had a major #momfail and Gabriella only got ONE toy. Thankfully, she is too young to notice so she played with her brother's toys. Oooops!...better planning next year :)
 It was a CARS Christmas for Madden

and a princess Christmas for Gabriella

In the afternoon, we celebrated Christmas with Manny's family and had a blast eating, playing games, and exchanging gifts. My kids were wiped...

And that is a wrap on ALL the Christmas things 2017! We had a blast doing them but are so ready for low key. Hope your holiday season was filled with JOY!

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