Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How We Wednesday: 2018 Goals

Happy Wednesday! Today, I am linking up with Shay and Erika for How We Wednesday and am talking about my goals for 2018. I always love the fresh start of a new year when it comes to tackling my goals. I enjoy reflecting on the past year and the goals I had made, and then looking to the new year and determining what I want to accomplish. 

In the past, I have usually jotted down several goals and hoped for the best. However, at the beginning of 2017, I unintentionally set my goals around one world - SIMPLIFY. Life had been crazy, I live in crazy busy Southern California, and I just wanted simple. So I set out to do it. I read a few books about simplicity and simple living, I went through our stuff and got rid of things we weren't using or that didn't have a purpose, I re-evaluated our schedule, and I really made a conscious effort to keep things simple. 

And I am happy to report that I accomplished my goal and developed some (hopefully) life long habits to really keep things simple. We don't have a ton of stuff, we aren't running around like crazy, we are only buying things we love, and we are being purposeful with what we have.  And when I find myself stressing about something, I fall back on keeping it simple and it almost always works out just fine :)

So here comes 2018...
This year when I started thinking about my goals for the year, I realized everything was revolving around me being disciplined which I am seriously lacking in some areas so for 2018 my word is DISCIPLINE. 

I want to be disciplined to eat healthy. This goes in spurts but my major sweet tooth and feeling like the weekend is a free for all with food has definitely hindered my healthy eating. So this year I am determined to work on consistently eating healthy. I feel better when I do, my skin looks better, I sleep better, and I am just happier.

I want to be disciplined to work out regularly and be active daily with my kids. The working out is pretty good for the most part, it is the rest of the day where I find myself being lazy so my goal is to get outside every day and do something active with my kids. 

I want to be discplined to have a daily quiet time. This is my ME time which I need and one way I really take care of myself. I just find that I am happier when I have spent time with God, reading, praying, and journaling. 

I want to be disciplined with how I spend my time. I am guilty of being a time waster and social media just sucks me in sometimes. So I want to make better use of my time this year by doing things that are productive and things that I enjoy like reading, working on this blog etc.

I want to be disciplined to add some things into our routines and stick with them. I don't know why but adding little things into our routine like a little family devotion time or even my kids doing some "chore" type things (putting their shoes away...little things like that) just about kills me sometimes. We do it for a few days and then something happens and I totally forget about it.

A few ways I am working on these goals:
1. I have my goals written down and in a place that I can see them daily if I want to.

2. I'm working on a few things at a time to make them a habit before I move on to other stuff. otherwise, I get overwhelmed and it just all goes out the window.

3. I have some of them broken down into smaller steps and am trying to work a little at a time so I don't get overwhelmed or put them off for later in the year and then find myself scrambling to get them done. I try to take them month by month and just keep building from there.

4. I have someone or a few people who help keep me accountable. I am so much more motivated when I have my husband, mom, sister, or a friend who has a similar goal, and we can continuously be talking about them or checking in. I have to say this year my sister and I have almost identical goals, and it is so nice to be doing them along side each other-checking in, talking through, encouraging, and just motivating each other.

Last, here are two other little things that I thought would be fun to do this year:  
I wrote down my specific goals on a piece of paper and then on the back wrote where we are at as we begin 2018 (kind of what life looks like right now as far as Gabriella in speech therapy, our health etc), and I sealed it in an envelope so on December 31st we can open it and not only look back on our goals but also be reminded of where we were when we started 364 days before.

I think this was an idea I got off of pinterest or that I saw on Facebook. I have a jar and am (attempting!) to write some sort of memory or blessing or something that happened each week so that at the end of the year, we can look back through them! I'm excited for this because it is the little things that I so quickly forget.

Well that's it for my goals. So here we go 2018....and being disciplined!

What are your goals for 2018?!

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