Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How We Wednesday: Taking Care of Myself

Happy Wednesday! Today, I am linking up with Shay and Erika for How We Wednesday and am talking about how I take care of myself. It didn't take me long after becoming a mom to realize that I have to make myself a priority in order for all of us to function well. It's really in everyone's best interest that I take care of myself :) Now that I am being intentional to take care of myself, I look back at times in high school, college, pre kids and working full time and wish that I had done some of these things instead of running around like crazy all.the.time. 

So here are some ways that I take care of myself!....

Make sure I get some "ME" time every day (or almost every day). I function so much better if I have unplugged and can spend time ALONE. I know others who feel refreshed and function better if they are with people, but for me, I have to have some time alone. This can be a number of different things (which I will list below) but the number one thing is to spend time doing my daily devotions. I journal (very therapeutic for me! plus I love to look back on it), read a devotional, list three things I am thankful for, and pray. 

Take a bath. I love taking a bath at the end of the day to help me relax, detox, and unwind before bed. I always add 1/2 cup epsom salt, 1 Tablespoon of baking soda, and a few drops of essential oils. I really try to be screen free if it's before bed so I almost always read a book while I relax in the bath! 

Do things I love. This should be a given but life can get busy so I really try to make a conscious effort to plan and follow through doing things I love- traveling, doing activities with my kids, getting together with girlfriends, exploring new places etc. For example, Manny and I try to do something at least once a month as a family whether that's going to Disneyland, some type of museum or play place, the beach, or visiting San Diego (about an hour away). When we are visiting new places (out of state) whether it be for business or vacation, we try and find fun and local things to do and see. It's this kind of stuff that really rejuvenates me. 

Health and Wellness. I have really tried to make working out daily, eating healthy (that one I have failed at miserably lately, but I am trying!), drinking lots of water, and taking care of my skin/hair etc a priority the last few years (again why hadn't I started all of this years ago?!). Working out/eating healthy/drinking water is pretty self- explanatory but I used to not be so good about taking care of my myself as far as my hair, skin etc. Things like getting my hair cut regularly, getting a manicure or pedicure every once in awhile, having my eyebrows threaded, and having a good skin care routine just make me feel better so they have become a priority. Plus then I also get ME time! #winwin

I'm not always busy. I can remember a time (hello college and after marriage but before kids) where I was busy all.the.time. I ran from thing to thing, didn't have much time for anyone, and trying to schedule things pretty much didn't happen because I was always busy. Since having kids, I've really slowed down our schedule and it is the BEST! We have lots of downtime. We aren't stressed out running from thing to thing. We aren't over scheduled. We can do things spontaneosly. We are usually available to get together with friends and family. And it is glorious! I'm not stressed, run down, or sad because I can't get everything done but instead feel pretty relaxed and fulfilled by doing things that really matter.

So those are some of the ways that I take care of myself! What about you?! What are some ways that you take care of yourself??! 


  1. Love this list! Your detox bath recipe sounds perfect, I've got to try that sometime. Glad I found your blog on the linkup today!

  2. You and I are right in line with our ways to recharge!! I am working on being less busy too-or at least picking priorities!

    1. I guess the only thing I do most regualarly is workout. But after reading your list... I think I could strive for more in the self-care part!

  3. This was such a good post to read and remember! Especially when life gets busier, sometimes it’s best to just slow down!