Thursday, March 1, 2018

CA to IL Roadtrip

Last week I shared our news about our move from California to Illinois. It all happened fast and in two weeks time we found ourselves packing up and moving 2000 miles away. You can read all about it here. 

So today, I am re-capping our roadtrip from Grand Terrace, California to Libertyville, Illinois. 2 adults. 2 toddlers. 2 dogs.1 Honda Pilot. 4 days. 2000 miles.

We loaded up our moving truck and sent it on it's way, turned our keys into our landlord, and loaded up our car on a Friday afternoon to leave California and 75 degree weather.

We hit a little rush hour traffic in Las Vegas, but otherwise had a pretty easy drive into our first stop for the night-Cedar City, Utah. Our drive the first day looked a lot like this...

Gabriella loves the hotel life and made herself right at home..

We woke up bright and early the next morning to 30 degree temperatures and continued on our way into Colorado. The drive through Utah and Colorado (into Denver) is gorgeous. We just loved it!

We stopped in Vail to take a break from the car and look around a little. It was COLD, but we had a fun time walking around Vail Village. 

And then we were on to Denver to spend the night with my brother and sister-in-law.

We loved getting to see a glimpse Luke and Janzyn's new life in Denver. And our kids loved being chased around by uncle Luke...or as Gabriella called him "the forte giant." (she is into Little Einsteins!).

The next day we had a not so pretty drive through the rest of Colorado and then were into the corn fields of Nebraska. 

We stopped for the night and at my cousin's place in Lincoln, Nebraska and had a blast spending time with all of them.

We woke up bright and early the next morning for the last leg of our trip! Call me crazy but I like driving through the rolling hills and farmlands of Iowa. It's a different kind of pretty and reminds me of simple living. 

Hello Illinois. We are HOME!!!!!!!

We pulled in to single digit temperatures in IL  right in time for little miss to go pick up her cousin at school. They were thrilled to see each other!

We are so thankful for a smooth and safe 2000 mile roadtrip with fun stops along the way. Everyone (but me) saw new states (Manny-Nebraska. Gabriella-Colorado Madden-Utah, Arizona, and Colorado) and we saw a lot of pretty places.  It wasn't until half way through our trip that I realized a couple of suitcases that we needed were put onto the moving truck, but we made due and wore the same three outfits everyday for a week ;) Manny and I laughed the day our moving truck came because we had loaded it in 75 degree weather and were unloading it in 9 degree weather...that's right NINE degrees! brrrrr

We have settled into life back in the Midwest and are adjusting to the cold We love all the new changes and are looking forward to new adventures in a different part of the United States! 

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  1. I'm glad you guys made it and are settling in. I would love to visit Vail, and that sunset picture is so pretty!