Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Easter Baskets

Happy Tuesday! Today I am linking up with Erika and Ashley for Tuesday Talk and am talking about Easter baskets for my kids (ages 3 and 1). 

I try to keep our Easter baskets pretty simple and since both of my kids are still young, I tend to put things in their Easter baskets that they need (#winwin) and then a few things that I think they would like. Gabriella was much easier to buy for this year, and I've struggled a little with Madden so if you have any suggestions please share below. We have more than enough toys so I tried to stay away from that for the most part, and then since Spring is upon us, I tried to find some fun things they can do outside. This year I stayed away from candy since they will get that from a few Easter egg hunts they are doing :)

Gabriella's Easter Basket

Minnie notepad, stickers, coloring book, stamps, umbrella, and wooden dress up dolls were all from the Target dollar section

My little pony key chain from the Target toy section

Swimsuits from Target here and here.

Frozen sunglasses, sandals, and nail polish kit from TJ Maxx

Madden's Easter Basket

So Madden's is pretty boring, and I could use a few more things. I am kind of at a loss of what else to get him because there isn't much more that he needs, and he already has plenty of toys. Plus, I don't want to buy stuff just to buy it (I really try to be intentional with my purchases). Any ideas?!?!

Nike shorts, Nike shirt, sunglasses, bubble machine from TJ Maxx (I always find the best Nike stuff at TJ Maxx!)

Swim Trunks from Target here and here

Melissa and Doug On the Go Water Wow here

I will probably add a cute Easter cookie from our favorite cakery too, but I can't get those until right before Easter.

Ok so...
Any suggestions for me (especially for Madden's)?!?!?
What are you putting in your kids' Easter baskets?! 


  1. Your ideas are awesome! Maybe add a toy truck or car to your little boy's basket? Sidewalk chalk is always a staple Easter gift around here- I forgot it one year and everyone STILL talks about that, ha ha ha!

    1. Oh those are good ideas! How did I not think of chalk?! Grabbing that now!!

  2. Great Easter baskets! My nephew would just LOVE that Cars bag - he is obsessed!

  3. Love your ideas! The swimwear is genius. We do book and sidewalk chalk too. We also do a little Easter egg hunt in our back yard. :)