Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How We Wednesday: Momfail and live to discuss!

Happy Wednesday! Today, I am linking up with Shay and Erika for How We Wednesday and am talking about how I momfail...and live to discuss it!

I don't even know where to begin. So let's start back at the beginning when I was the perfect parent (insert eye roll emoji). So before I had kids, I observed a lot of how others parented and how their kids behaved. It gave me great ideas to do with my own kids one day and also helped me decide how my kids would act and what they would and wouldn't do. {are all you mamas laughing yet?!?!?!}

I set myself up for quite a few momfails with my expectations and learned that those had to quickly go out the window :) I momfail but 5 stick out in my mind. Maybe others have had the same or can learn from me (haha!)....

During my first pregnancy, I decided that my child(ren) would only have breastmilk and then when they began solids, they would only eat organic baby food that I had made (which is funny because Manny and I don't eat everything organic). So I had my sweet baby girl and for the first 7 days of her life she only had breastmilk....and then she went to the NICU (for jaundice) and they stuck a bottle in her mouth. The poor girl chugged it down because she had been starving. My supply was low and she wasn't getting enough so we introduced formula right then and there, and we were ALL happy. So when it came time to introduce solids I was still sticking with my homemade organic baby food...and she hated it (haha!) but she sure did love the store bought baby foods and porked those right down. It was then that I started to throw my expectations out the window because at the end of the day, she was surviving just fine on formula and store bought baby food. She was healthy and happy and that's what mattered.

I swore my toddlers wouldn't throw fits because I just wouldn't allow it and well.....when my precious, sweet, happy baby turned into a toddler they started...over crazy stuff...and it didn't take me too long to realize you just can't reason with a toddler. And adding a newborn baby...sometimes I just didn't have the energy and was to overwhelemed to fight my screaming toddler so I just walked away. I've even gotten to do the walk of shame out of Target leaving my full cart in the middle of the store while carrying a screaming toddler to the car (pictured above).

I didn't realize until months after having my second baby that the birth certificate given to us by the hospital isn't their actual birth certificate. Once I finally figured it out, I put getting it WAY down on my list because I didn't have an immediate need for it. Well things quickly changed in January and we moved half way across the country, and I forgot all about it until I needed it here in Illinois and had to pay a crazy amount of money to get it. AH!

This past Christmas I was super proud because I had it all together and had my Christmas shopping done well before December. I had carefully picked the kids' Christmas presents from a combination of stuff they needed and some things I thought they would like. On Christmas morning, they opened everything and then I realized Gabriella (my 3 year old) had actually only gotten ONE toy but her brother had gotten quite a few. Thankfully, she was too young to notice and she spent most of the day playing with Madden's new toys.

Madden (now 20 months) decided months ago that he wasn't going to eat any fruit or vegetables and every time I tried to give them to him, he spit them out or gave them to the dog. I tried everything and every time it was the same thing so I just kind of gave up and moved on. The other day I came home to see him shoveling pieces of grapes into his mouth. My mom had given him some and he ate them all up!...guess it's time for him to start eating healthy again :)

I've learned a lot from being a mom. I've learned to let my expecations go. And I've learned that what works for one mom may not work for me and what works for me may not work for someone else, and that's OK! How boring would our world be if we did everything the exact same way?! So in my three and a half years of parenting and all of my momfails I've learned to give myself grace....and to give others grace to because at the end of the day, we are all doing our best to survive!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I was a perfect mom before I actually had a kid, too! The toddler years are no joke and sometimes I just cave from a lack of energy. Ha ha! Beautiful family!