Monday, March 26, 2018

Life since we've be in Illinois

Awhile ago, I shared that we moved to Illinois and although I really don't have many commitments, I can't seem to get it together when it comes to this blog :) So I am playing catch up and here is a little of what life was like our first month in Illinois. 

We are currently living at my parent's house and have a pretty sweet set up in their basement. It couldn't be going any better, and we are so thankful for our little space while we decide exactly where we want to live etc. 

We laughed because we left 75 degree Southern California weather and were welcomed to Illinois with single digit temperatures. And not long after we arrived, it snowed!

We took advantage of all that snow and went sledding. It was Manny, Gabriella, and Madden's first time! Poor Mads wasn't too sure about the snow, but Gabriella loved it. 

We love that we are now here and can attend cousin's sporting events and celebrate family birthdays together. 

"MyNoles and GabreeBella" (Miles and Gabriella) became quick BFF's and are pretty much inseperable. They fight hard, play hard, and love hard. 

Visiting Nana at work and getting candy is always a highlight for the toddlers :) Have you noticed that Gabriella is in the same dress almost every picture?!? It is her favorite and she refuses to take it off. Some days I pick my battles and some days I don't!

There are some pretty cool libraries in the area with awesome play areas for kids so we checked on of those out (a few others are on our list too!). 

remember light brights?!?!
We've spent cold and snowy days inside the gym getting energy out...

And Manny and I have loved having built in babysitters so we can get out for some date nights! :)

A few months ago we had no idea we would be living here, but we are having a great time! Manny settled into a new job a few weeks after we arrived, and we are all adjusting to new schedules. We are so thankful to be here and to have new places to explore :)


  1. I’d sure be missing the warm weather but being by family is so awesome. We made a move too when our kids were little to be back by family and it was so worth it!!