Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter 2018

We had a happy and cold Easter 2018! We always love Easter weekend and the fun activities, but we are most thankful for our RISEN Savior!

We started off Easter weekend with an Easter egg hunt at church. This year it had to be moved indoors because of rain, but that didn't stop the fun! Gabriella totally got it this year and was very into it. Madden, on the other hand,  could have cared less. He walked around giving other people eggs :)

On Sunday we headed to church...

After church, we gave the kids their Easter baskets...

Madden cared about one thing and one thing only....his cookie :)

Then we ate Easter dinner with the fam bam and had a relaxing afternoon! We had Easter eggs filled to do a hunt but never got around to it because of our 30 degree weather (and the kids never asked!). It was a blessed Easter 2018!

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