Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How We Wednesday: Organize and Spring Clean

Happy Wednesday! Today, I am linking up with Shay and Erika for How We Wednesday and am talking about how I organize and spring clean. Hello. My name is Erin, and I LOVE to organize! And call me crazy but I love to clean too! 

As with everything, I really try to keep organizing and spring cleaning as simple as I can because otherwise I just get overwhelmed and it all goes out the window. I found one book that was really helpful in getting myself organized and doing a big spring clean called Organized Simplicity. This book is broken up into two parts. The first is all about living simple in the real world. I got a lot of good tips and felt encouraged to let go of some things in this section. And then the second section is all about an organized home where the author goes room by room and gives simple tips for going through and sorting things and then deep cleaning the room. I appreciated this section because there were some things I hadn't even thought about cleaning, and she gives ways to clean, recipes for cleaning etc so it is literally all right there. If you need some guidance or even some motivation, I highly recommend ready this book.

Ok...onto some of my tips for organizing and spring cleaning!
Make a list. Making lists help keep me the most organized. I make lists of everything I want to clean (if I am ambitious I will even break it up by room) and then I can usually stay right on track and be more productive. Whenever I am working in one area, I also bring a notepad, pen, and three bins/boxes/trash bags with me. I have the notepad and pen so that I can write down anything I need to buy or replace etc. I have the three bins, boxes, or trash bags for trash, things to donate, and things that go in another room

Going room by room.  I work best and feel less stressed when I can focus on one room at a time. I do everything in that room-going through stuff, purging, sorting, and then give it a good deep clean and it's DONE .

These bins are my best friend. I buy these bins at costco for $7.99, and they are the best things ever. They are heavy duty and stack really well. I had cheap bins that made a cross country move with us 9 years ago and were falling apart so last year I started going through them all and condensing their contents into these. I love that the bottoms of these bins fit into the lid of another because they can't fall over and are very sturdy.

Give storage a spring clean. We store most of our stuff in a section of our garage so last year I started going through bins and boxes a little at a time so I could purge, condense, and get more organized.  Our garage was pretty organized but we had held onto a lot of things from college, wedding gifts that we hadn't used (8 years later...), baby stuff, and some other odds and ends. It was amazing how much stuff I came across that I had no need for or stuff that I didn't even know we had and was able to get rid of. And then I was able to condense a lot of stuff into the bins (pictured above) and everything was nice and neat. This paid off HUGE earlier this year when we made an unexpected move half way across the country. And I was so thankful I had done this.

Our holiday decorations are also stored in our garage so I went through those too, but I normally try and go through those bins and throw things out or donate things that I just don't use anymore after the holiday is over, and I am packing up.

My planner is my other best friend. As far as organization overall, I love my planner from Plum Paper! I especially love the few pages before each month that I can use for planning/goals/anything else I need to remember. 

And weekly it gives me enough space to write our schedules, meal plans, and everything else!

I really heavily on this baby to keep me organized! :)

What are your tips for staying organized and spring cleaning?! 

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  1. I haven't seen these bins at Costco but I'll have to look for them next time I'm there! We could use some more sturdy bins for holiday stuff!

    - Shannon

    1. Sometimes they are at the end of the aisle but most of the time they are tucked away and you have to search a little :)

  2. I lOVE your planner! Great ideas..I never think to spring clean the actual storage area!