Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Weekend in the Life

Happy Tuesday! Today I am linking up with Erika and Ashley for Tuesday Talk, and I am sharing a weekend in our life for this summer. I picked this past weekend (Father's Day weekend) to document and it happened to be the busiest weekend ever. Come Monday we were exhausted!

Our fun started Friday afternoon when...

we went Strawberry picking with cousins and Nana. These kids all loved it!

We came home for a few hours to cool off before we headed out again to our town's festival-Libertyville Days. Our kids rode rides, we ate yummy festival food #hellofunnelcakes, and played games.

We all crashed hard and were up way to early for a Saturday morning...

 I hit the gym first thing in the morning because we had another busy day ahead of us.

Mid morning we headed to the Libertyville Days Parade.
 These kids loved the parade AND the candy!

We left the parade early (an hour and a half into it) to get home so that Manny could take Gabriella to a movie where he practically bought out the concession stand. #justkidding

Meanwhile at home, I put Madden down for a nap and finished my book...

After the movie and nap, we headed to the pool! 

And then the kids crashed hard at 7 pm...

Manny and I headed out after the kids were sleeping to grab an appetizer and then watch Oceans 8 (it was so good!)
we are terrible at taking selfies haha

I took this right before I put it on the charger for the night #aFULLday

Sunday morning came all to quick when Madden woke us up at 6 am. #mykidsDONOTsleepin #help

I had plenty of time before church to do my devotions...

Off to church. She brings her "posse" with her wherever she goes. I won't let her take them out of the car, but she hauls her backpack, yellow bag, and umbrella all over the house, outside etc.

Donuts at church...

After church, Manny fired up the grill and let the kids run through the sprinkler while I went and got my workout in. I usually try and go Sunday before church but was too tired this morning.

When I got home from the gym, it was Manny's turn to workout so he left, and I started a new book while Madden napped and Gabriella had "rest time".

When Madden woke up we headed back to the pool to beat the heat and then from there headed to eat pizza and celebrate Father's Day.

It was a FULL weekend but thankful it was full of lots of family time and fun activities. Looking forward to more mellow weekends this summer though :)


  1. Hi Erin- came across your blog in the Tuesday Talk line-up! Loved reading about your Father's day weekend adventures- super impressed you worked out both days!!! That's so motivating to me! You go girl! Your family is beautiful and I hope y'all have a great week! - Shannon @slayitagainshan.com

  2. Any weekend with strawberry-picking and a festival/parade are a win in my book! :)

  3. What a cute capture of family life! Sounds like a perfect summer weekend. I'm adding your books to my reading list!

  4. We really enjoyed Ocean's 8 too! I love Sandra Bullock and I loved how it stayed true to the other movies as well! :)