Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Summer Goals

Well now that we are half way through June I thought it was time I make a few goals for this summer. I love goals and being able to accomplish them. It makes me feel productive and I love to get things done. I do set monthly goals/to-do's for myself but I really like working with a small chunk of time too. So here are my goals for summer 2019.

1. Read 10 books. I love love love reading and this year I just have not found (...well made) the time. I have read a few here and there but my goal is to read 10 this summer. I have one down! :) 

2. Reach out and plan something once a week with friends. Hello, I am Erin and I love to get out and do things....BUT this year I have become a major homebody and well honestly pretty lazy when it comes to commitments or getting out and doing things with friends. So my goal this summer is to reach out to different friends and plan something once a week (when we are in town). 

3. Blog updates. After taking 8ish months off from blogging, I am jumping back in! I am excited to keep up with this little blog because most of all for me I love to look back and remember how we spent our days etc. All that to say, my goal is to post at least twice a week this summer and to do some work on my blog layout etc. 

4. Get my eating under control. About 15 months ago, I joined a gym and have had some good progress losing baby weight (from 3 years ago!) and just getting back in shape. However, my eating is well...pretty much not good and I really want to get it under control. I count macros and really like that.  What it comes down to is that I just need to do it and have some self- control! I eat well for a few days and then get lazy and eat #allthecarbs and #allthesugar. And then I feel gross and tired. When I eat better I feel better, I sleep better, and I just find that I am happier. So this summer I am trying to work hard to eat well and to find new recipes and things to try because I just get in a rut. I need variety in my life! 

5. Plan Friday dates with my kids. This one I plan to start in August because we are in and out with travel in June and July. During the school year, Friday is the only day Gabriella does not go to school and this being her last year of pre-K, I want to take full advantage and be intentional about getting out and doing things with my kids. So starting in August (and hopefully making it a habit!), I want to plan places to visit/things to do with my kids! 

Now tell me...what are your goals this summer?!

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  1. I'd love to get out more with friends too; sadly most of the time we end up canceling due to the iffy weather we've been having.

    1. Oh I hear ya! It's been hard to plan anything with all the rain we have had :(

  2. Good thinking to have some goals!! I totally get in ruts of being a homebody...relates to the weather. But it is easy to get comfortable staying at home. Good luck with all of your goals and so glad to see you back to blogging!!!