Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Day in the Life {7.9.19}

Happy Wednesday! Today, I am sharing a day in our life. I love reading these posts from others and I love looking back on what days were like because the years really do fly by and with little kids, I often forget what life was like at times. So here is a day in our life for summer 2019. I documented yesterday (7-9-19). 

Hello 4:30 am! I was up bright and early to get ready to teach (more on that below)...

In February, I started teaching English to kids in China.  It is a work from home job that allows me to set my own schedule. I usually teach from 5-7:30 am each morning and basically just roll out of bed, grab my hot chocolate or tea (I don't like coffee), and then teach the cutest Chinese kids for a few hours. I love this little job and that I can work from home (while my kids are still sleeping!) and create a little part-time income on the side. It's amazing how fast 2 1/2 hours goes (I teach kids in 30 minute blocks). 

My kids were up when I finished teaching so we sent my hubby off to work, had breakfast, and then headed to the gym. My kids love the childcare at the gym and I am so thankful they have a place to run around and get lots of energy out :) I'm currently doing a workout program called Shortcut to Shred where I am lifting weights and then doing cardio in between sets. I really like it and the fast pace. 

Gabriella was playing with her cousin while Madden and I headed to his 3 year well check at the doctor. He was not at all cooperative and the nurse had to weigh me holding him and then weigh me separately to get his weight because he refused to stay on the scale. Thankfully, he was much more cooperative for the doctor. This guy keeps us on our toes! :)

After his appointment, we headed home and then met my sister and her kids at the pool. We bought a pool pass for the summer at our local pool and it has been the best thing ever! Most afternoons we are at the pool for an hour or two.

After the pool, we came home and ate lunch and then the kids took a bath and I took a shower. The kids had quiet time and I did my devotions, prepped for my classes tomorrow morning, and did a little blogging (all of which I forgot to take pictures of).

somebody waiting for her daddy to get home...

We ate dinner and then were off to a little photo shoot. I had pictures taken of Gabriella in my wedding dress when she turned one years old and I wanted to do it again when she was 5. So tonight we met a photographer to take 5 year pictures of Gabriella. 

Then we were home and getting ready for bed because 4 am (for Manny) and 4:30 am (for me) come early!

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