Monday, July 8, 2019

Roadtrip to Baltimore

On the last Friday in June, we packed up our car and headed out for our much anticipated road trip to Baltimore and Washington D.C. Manny and I have been wanting to go back to DC ever since we visited 2 years ago so when a previous vacation plan fell through, we decided to take the kids and visit D.C. We have been planning, talking about, and looking forward to this vacation for a long time.

We left Chicago at 5:30 am to drive the 11(ish) hours to Baltimore. It was a great drive and went by pretty fast. Our kids did awesome in the car. Can I just say Indiana and Ohio have the BEST travel plazas which make stopping with little kids so easy. They are literally right off the highway and we were pleasantly surprised with the variety of fast food restaurants/ice cream/travel store. Hello Starbucks at each stop! 
don't worry....I realized when I took this picture that her harness was to low and pulled it up :)

Growing up in Montana and then living for 9 years in California, I feel like I have road tripped all over the West so now that we are living in the Midwest, we are looking forward to exploring more of the East. I loved all of the CUTE farms we passed along the way. 

We made it to Baltimore about dinner time and met up with friends we were staying the weekend with at a restaurant. From the restaurant to the car, we got caught in a crazy rain storm.

My kids loved having a little sleepover next to each other on the floor!

Our friends live in downtown Baltimore so we had a great time exploring some of the city and getting to see a little of their life there.  On Saturday morning, we walked down to the Inner Harbor. We loved it here! There were cute shops, museums, the USS Constellation, restaurants, a park, and more! 

We rented a paddle boat and paddled around the harbor. 

Mr. "I hate water" said he was done about 5 minutes into our ride. I've never seen him sit so still :)

We love exploring new cities!

We went swimming in the afternoon in a rooftop pool in the middle of downtown Baltimore. It was so pretty!  I didn't get any pictures because I left my phone :( We walked to dinner at The Owl Bar and then checked out some historical sights on the way home. 

The busy day caught up with this guy and he fell asleep before bedtime. This also happened to be his last night as a 2 year old. 

The next morning we woke up and walked to the Farmer's Market in Baltimore. It was fantastic and had some amazing food! We then headed to Washington D.C. to celebrate Madden's birthday and spend 4 days sight seeing in our favorite city! I will be back this week with a re-cap of the D.C. part of our trip!

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