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Washington D.C. days 3 & 4

Today, I am back with the third and final re-cap of our Baltimore and Washington D.C. trip. I blogged about our Baltimore part here and the first part of Washington D.C. here

Day 3
 On day 3, our plan was to spend the morning at Arlington National Cemetery. On our way there, we drove past the Pentagon and were happy we got to see some of the Pentagon. We hadn't expected to see it so that was kind of fun. Well thanks to missing turns, maps re-routing us etc, we successfully saw ALL sides of the Pentagon...more than once! ha!

We arrived at Arlington National Cemetery and couldn't believe how beautiful and peaceful it is. We first made our way to see the graves of President and Mrs. Kennedy. 

We also walked to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This was so interesting! And just as we were getting ready to leave, they did a changing of the guards. It was so interesting to witness, and I am so thankful we were able to catch this.

Side note: We had planned to bring our double stroller and last minute decided to buy another single instead. This worked out SO much better and made maneuvering the city much easier. Plus, we were able to split up and each take a kid.

After Arlington, we headed back to our hotel and then to pizza at Wiseguy's Pizza-another place I highly recommend. It was small and seating was limited but we got a place outside and LOVED the pizza! The garlic knots are to die for too :)

It took us until day 3 to realize we probably just needed to take an afternoon break for everyone's sake. So Manny took Gabriella to the pool (their happy place) and Madden and I took a nap. This worked so much better and we had a much happier 3 year old the rest of the day. 

At 3 pm, we had a tour of Ford's Theater and Peterson House scheduled. Manny and I did this tour two years ago and it was just as interesting (although I spent most of the time out in the hall with a busy little boy this time).  

We had an early dinner reservation at Hill Country BBQ and then headed to Tidal Basin to walk around. Our first stop was the Jefferson Memorial. Manny and I didn't make it to this one on our last trip and have been wanting to see it. Good news, we did see it from the outside. Bad news, we weren't able to see the inside because of a Marine ceremony taking place. But that's ok because the Marine ceremony was so interesting and we (again) were so thankful to be at this Memorial just as this was about to start.

We walked around Tidal Basin some to see the other monuments.

The dark clouds started rolling in and we almost got caught in a crazy downpour. Thankfully, we had decided to drive from our hotel and park around the monuments (highly recommend doing this because it is such a walk! And parking is very inexpensive) because it down poured as we drove back to our hotel. 

Day 4
When I planned this trip, I intentionally left this day open so if there weren't things that we got to or if there were things we wanted to do or see again, we had time! So on day 1 when we saw one museum, we pushed the rest to this day. We were very ambitious and planned to visit 5. We made it to 3 :)

First stop, our favorite-The Museum of Natural History (again!). The kids loved it just as much the second time as the first.

Second stop-The Museum of American History. I love this museum too! We kind of breezed through it (Manny and I spent more time here on our first visit).

Gabriella for President?

Madden for President?

We grabbed the kids lunch and then headed to The Museum of the Bible. I was mixed on this one. First, it is a gorgeous museum and there were some amazing things. The kids area was awesome and so was a replica where you walk through Jerusalem (forgot to take pictures of that). 

Growing up in the church, I feel like I had seen a lot of things at other places so there wasn't anything particular that wowed me besides the replica of Jerusalem and the kids area. Was I glad I went? Definitely! And I would recommend that others check it out too! Will I go back? Maybe?!?!?

It was middle of the afternoon about this time and we decided to walk and have a WAY early dinner at Plan B Burger again. This happened while we were walking and for most of our (LONG) meal....

Plan B Burger was awesome food again but slowest service ever. After dinner, we walked back to our hotel, grabbed the car, and headed back to the Monuments to walk around one last time. On this night, it was July 3rd and crazy packed. Everyone was in town for the 4th. 

I am so glad that we went to The Lincoln Memorial on our first night because at this point it was blocked off in preparation for the 4th.

We visited The Vietnam War Memorial (VERY sobering) and walked around the Korean War Memorial as well. 

We saw the Jefferson Memorial one last time (from afar) and then headed back to our hotel because we had an early morning and a long day of travel ahead of us. 

We had the BEST vacation in Washington D.C. (and in Baltimore too!). We still think and talk about it and can't wait to go again someday. There is something about it that we just LOVE. 

Thanks for following along! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. You sure managed to pack so much in for your 4 day trip!