Thursday, August 1, 2019

Gabriella's 5th Birthday (Weekend)

On July 28th, my baby...the girl who made me a mama (after struggling with infertility) turned 5.

I remember flipping through her baby book a few days after she was born and noticing there were pages to document her 1st-5th birthdays. My first thought was how far away 5 years was and then I blinked and here it is.

Gabriella developed an obsession with staying at a hotel back in January and here and there as we have asked her what she wants to do for her birthday, she would always say "stay in a hotel". Well lucky her because I found a groupon deal for a hotel downtown Chicago (right off Michigan Avenue) for a great price so I jumped on it.

We stayed at the Warwick Allerton and loved it! We arrived right at 4 pm when check-in opened and (insert wide-eyed emoji) it was crazy! Manny dropped me off and ended up driving to our parking spot (we book spots through the app Spothero because it is WAY cheaper) and walked back to the hotel with the kids while I stood in a long line for check-in.

Lucky us, they didn't have the room we booked available and had upgraded us to a suite and it was beautiful!

Our view

We settled in and headed to dinner at Bub City. We love BBQ and this place was great! The kids loved it. After that, we walked to our favorite-Sprinkles Cupcakes!

One of Gabriella's birthday gifts was to pick a toy at The Disney Store so we headed there for her (and Madden) to pick out a toy.  We then headed right around the corner to our hotel to let the kids play with their new toys!

After the kids fell asleep, I decorated a little and put out a few presents that we had brought for Gabriella.

My kids are early risers and Gabriella was so excited about her birthday so both kids were up early. #hello6am The perk of early risers is that we basically had the city to ourselves!

Our first stop was Wildberry, one of our favorite breakfast places!

We headed to Maggie Daley Park (in Millennium Park)  to let the kids play! This park is amazing and this was our second time there. Last year, we visited in the afternoon and it was CRAZY but it visiting around 8 am seemed to be the perfect time. I didn't get any pictures of the park-AH! After the park, we headed to the famous bean and then back to our hotel to let the kids play before check out.

We headed home and celebrated Gabriella's birthday with her cousins!

We kept it simple with pizza, ice cream, and cake.

We had a fun and full weekend celebrating our sweet Gabriella Reese! I love to make a big deal about birthdays and love making it a special day for my kids :)

What do you do for birthdays?!


  1. What a fun city weekend! Have you guys ever considered a road trip to Minnesota for a long weekend at the MOA ... I think your kids would love it! Also, there is a Waterpark Hotel right near MOA that you could stay at. I would totally recommend it! :)

    1. Funny you say that because we were just talking about that yesterday! We definitely need to go for a long weekend. Thank you for the recommendation!!!