Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Gabriella's Unicorn Party

At the end of July, Gabriella turned 5 so this past weekend we finally celebrated with her friends. There are many perks to having a summer birthday but I would say the one down side is that it is hard to find a time to have a party when everyone is on vacation. So we decided to wait a few weeks into August and most people were around!

Gabriella is into all things unicorns and rainbows so I tried to make this a unicorn party with lots of color! She is wearing a unicorn birthday shirt from Amazon. I was really impressed with the quality and it has held up very well through many washes in the last few weeks. The table cloth and centerpiece are from the party section at Walmart. They have a great party section and you can't beat the price! The unicorn plates are from Dollar Tree and the black Unicorn Masks are from Amazon (more on those below).

This party was outside so I borrowed a table and chairs from our church and put them under an easy up in our backyard. The party guests arrived (greeted by my 8 & 6 year old nephews), were given a unicorn horn party hat, and then played in the backyard for the first twenty minutes.

I had the kids all sit at the table and they had a snack (fruit and crackers) while they worked on their craft- these Unicorn Masks. Gabriella told me she wanted to do a craft (hello I am the most uncrafty person ever) so I was excited when I found these color reveal scratchboards on Amazon.  The kids all colored designs/wrote their names etc to make their mask. These were a big hit!

I had plans for the kids to play all these games but they all just wanted to play in the backyard and jump on the trampoline (not pictured is the trampoline with balloons on it-the kids LOVED this!). We did get to one the horn on the unicorn (found at Hobby Lobby).

After the kids played for awhile, they sat back down at the table to eat cupcakes and sing Happy Birthday. I got these cupcakes from a local grocery store (Marianos). They do a great job with custom cakes and cupcakes and you can't beat the price (18 cupcakes for $13.50). This unicorn cake topper is from Amazon and one we used on her birthday cake on her actual birthday.

the cake from her actual birthday (also from Marianos)

After cupcakes, it was pinata time! Pinata is from Hobby Lobby. I also saw some at Walmart and here on Amazon.

We sent our guests home with candy from the pinata, their unicorn masks, and bubbles! We had a great time. This party was super simple and so fun!

That's a wrap on this year's party!

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  1. My daughter is named Gabriella too! This looks like such a sweet party!