Tuesday, August 20, 2019

New York City 2019

This past weekend Manny and I did a quick weekend trip to New York City! It was the first time for both of us and we loved it (although we definitely would change some things for next time). It was a fun city full of beautiful sights and awesome food!

We flew into La Guardia and took a shuttle bus to the subway. I was a little nervous because neither of us have ever used the subway but it was so easy! Our subway took us right into Time Square where our hotel was. 

We stayed at the Manhattan in Times Square and it was a great hotel. However, next time we go back we will probably try to avoid staying in or going to Times Square. It was so fun to see and experience but not really for us and it is sooooo busy. 

We dropped our stuff off at our hotel and headed to get pizza a few blocks away at Little Italy Pizza. The pizza was amazing! We love our Chicago style pizza but this New York pizza was pretty darn good.

Next stop was Magnolia Bakery for dessert. I got this red velvet cheescake.

We walked through Rockefellar Center...

...and then on to Central Park. I love love loved Central Park. It is gorgeous and I could have walked around it all day long. 

We got a call that our hotel room was ready so we headed back to check our room out and check out our view from the 22nd floor!

In the afternoon, we took the subway to walk the Highline and then to walk around Chelsea. 

Manny had seen burgers from this place called Burgers Inc on Instagram so we decided to eat dinner here. We didn't realize it wasn't a restaurant but actually was set up more like a food court (we found quite a few places like this in NYC). The menu was very small and simple but the food was delicious!

Burgers, tater tots, and mac n cheese balls...YES please!

We loved Central Park so much earlier in the day that we decided to go back and walk around before returning to our hotel for the night. 

After walking around the park for awhile, we headed back to our hotel. Our room came with our own balcony so we spent a few hours out here.  When we checked in, the front desk asked us if we wanted a newly renovated room or a room with a view and we chose the room with the view. We are so glad we did (and we still felt like the room was pretty nice). 

On Saturday morning, we took the subway to lower Manhattan to the Whitehall Terminal for the Staten Island Ferry. This ferry is free and goes right by the Statue of Liberty! The ride each way is about 25 minutes and once we got to Staten Island we got off the ferry and then got right back on. We loved this ride!

We walked around the Financial District some (the financial guy in Manny couldn't pass it up!). I loved this part of the city. It was very quiet (obviously because it was the weekend) and the buildings are beautiful.

We took the subway to Little Italy for lunch. We had lunch at Paesano of Mulberry Street and it was so good! P.S. Mulberry street is the cutest!

From here we decided to walk to the 9/11 Memorial. I will never forget the day those planes hit the towers and watching it from my TV. Being at the memorial was very sobering and brought tears to my eyes. It is a very beautiful memorial. 

At this point of the afternoon, we were hot and exhausted so we headed back to our hotel for a few hours before heading to dinner. Can I just say how much I love the subway?! It made getting around NYC SO easy. For dinner, we walked to Dos Toros Taqueria (another place my hubby found on Instagram) and it was AWESOME!

This location of Dos Toros was close to Rockefellar Center so we walked around that a little more and then checked out the toy store Fao Schwarz (a different location of this store was the toy store in Home Alone 2). We hit up Magnolia Bakery one more time where I had the BEST German chocolate cake, and then we headed back to our hotel to call it a night....or so we thought. Around 10 pm, we were hungry again and wanted NY pizza one more time. Well Times Square was CRAZY and we never did get our pizza. :(

On Sunday our flight was scheduled to leave at 12 pm so around 8:30 we started to make our way to the airport. We wanted to give ourselves enough time with the walk, subway ride, and airport shuttle. Well...we walked to the subway (I used the NY subway app to get our route), got on the subway and went 2 stops to Grand Central where the subway driver announced this was the last stop and this subway line was not traveling to Queens (insert Wide Eye Emoji). We would have had to take a few other subway lines to get there and were like forget it so we walked outside of Grand Central Station and got a taxi (it isn't a NYC experience without a yellow taxi ride right?!?).  Since a taxi ride was so much faster, we arrived at the airport around 9:30 and by this time had been notified that our flight was delayed 30 minutes. Well that 30 minutes turned into another 2 hours and we finally boarded around 2 pm only to sit on the runway for another hour. We made it home though and were so thankful for a quick and fun little getaway. We love exploring new places!
What are your New York favorites?! 

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  1. Oh so fun! I haven't been to NYC since I was in high school (my husband's not a city guy). I remember taking the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and it was such a fun day.