Friday, September 27, 2019

Friday Favorites {9.27.19}

Happy Friday! Yay for the last Friday in September. I'm ready for October, and it's finally almost here :)

Today, I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorites. Here are some favorites lately!

{this is me waving to Chinese parents and students} 9 months ago, I started teaching English to students in China (from home via the internet). I don't have a traditional teaching background, and I wasn't looking for a job but a friend mentioned that she does this and that I should look into it. So I looked into it and decided it may be something I would enjoy. Well turns out its one of my most favorite things I do every day! I'm a stay at home mom (my most favorite job ever!) and I love this little part-time teaching job because it allows me to use my brain in a different way and gives me something for me. Plus, I can still stay home with my kids (they are actually sleeping while I teach).

I wanted to share this for 2 reasons. #1- this little part-time job has been such a blessing to me that I really love telling others about it and that it is out there. I have a section dedicated to helping others have this job too (they are always looking for more teachers!) HERE. This leads me to #2- I hope I can be a resource to other teachers whether they are just starting out or have been teaching for awhile. Every Monday, I post something VIPKID related to help answer questions or give ideas for other teachers!  Those resources are on the same page as above (just scroll down). You can check out my VIPKID page HERE

Want a cheap beauty tip and one of my favorite night time beauty routines? I started using this Castor Oil to help thicken and lengthen my eyebrows and eyelashes. It's around $12 and the bottle should last me a long time. I added about 7-8 drops of Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils (I use DoTerra) to my bottle and have noticed a difference in my eyebrows and eyelashes thickness and length.  Plus, it's very moisturizing on my skin. My mom and sister started doing this too and have had the same results.

Every night I use the mascara looking brush that comes with it and swipe across each eyebrow and then swipe downward on my eyelashes.

Have you tried this?!

Oh Fall you are our favorite! The weather has finally cooled down, the humidity going away, and some of the leaves are starting to change so we took advantage of a beautiful day and headed to a local forest preserve after school one day this week. 

This is my kid's favorite part of this park- a little rock climbing wall! They have to climb it to access a slide to go down :)

A favorite part of my day is the self-care I try and incorporate throughout my day. Last week, I posted 5 simple ways I try and practice self care throughout my day HERE

What are ways you practice self care? I would love to know!

Fall food, snacks, desserts etc are a favorite in our household-- especially ones that the kids can help make. I came across something similar on Pinterest the other day so when the kids and I were at Target, I let them pick out a few things to make a Halloween trail mix. They loved it! Here is what we put in ours.

And if you haven't tried it, my personal favorite is candy corn and dry roasted peanuts mixed together!

That's a wrap for this Friday. Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. That looks like a delicious trail mix!

    1. The kids thought it was great. I only picked out the candy corn and peanuts :)

  2. I have heard that a lot of the lash growth serum are really some sort of oil to nourish your lashes. Great find with the castor oil. Hope you have a great week. Tanya - The Other Side of the Road