Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Let's Look: My Calendar

Happy Wednesday! Today, I am sharing a look at my calendar. I love getting a peek into aspects of other people's lives so here is a peek into my calendar. This year I just grabbed a planner from Hobby Lobby last minute and it has gotten the job done just fine but I normally get a planner from Plum Paper! I love my Plum Paper planners and that I can customize them. Plus I like to snag them on Black Friday when they are on sale!
I like to see our appointments/practices/play dates/school schedule as a whole for the month (below). Here is our October schedule (minus Gabriella's school calendar). I would show you September but one of my kids decided to take a sharpie to it before I had a chance to take pictures. AH! My September calendar is much more colorful :)

Each member in our family has a color (so far Gabriella is the only one with things on the calendar in October) and then I use green for our whole family (or Manny and I or the kids and I). I also make a note of what work hours I have opened up (in orange) at the top of each day.  I work from home teaching English to kids in China so I note what hours I have opened up to parents. I teach in 30 minute blocks and some slots do not get booked so I keep those as my "working" hours to prepare for other classes or work on other things like blogging. It is just helpful for me to see what I have opened up and dedicate those to my "work" hours. So far I have only put my schedule in for the first week of October and as I put in the rest of my schedule I will make note of that too.

Do you see the little numbers in the bottom corner on each Tuesday? Those mark what week of the year it is. Each week I write a little something about what happened that week in our family on a piece of paper and then stick it in a jar. On New Years Eve, Manny and I open and read them week by week and reminisce on our happenings throughout the year. This is our second year doing this and we love it!

In between each month view, I have the weeks at a glance.

I use these pages to plan my blog posts and to plan dinners. Since I took pictures of October I have only mapped out my blog posts. And I will hopefully fill in the dinner portion (I have been riding the struggle bus as far as meal planning goes!).

My calendar is pretty simple and I have yet to switch to anything digital. Am I missing out?! What does your calendar look like?!

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  1. Your calendar is so pretty! I have a really nice planner too that I use for my blog work. But for our day to day life, I have a calendar on a clipboard that everyone can see.

    1. Thank you! I need to get a big calendar for everyone to see in our house too. I love that idea!

  2. I have been wanting to do a memory jar for our whole family to read and enjoy on NYE too but I have yet to actually make myself write something each week!

    1. Some weeks I get behind and have to go look at my calendar to rack my brain what we even did that week. ha!