Monday, September 23, 2019

VIPKID: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This week I am sharing some frequently asked questions I get when people ask me about teaching for VIPKID. If you are reading this and wondering what VIPKID even is, check out this post. If you know what VIPKID is, here are some frequently asked questions I receive (in no particular order).
I hope some of these will answer questions you may have.  If your question hasn't be answered, please comment below or e-mail me so I can answer it for you.

How many classes do I have to teach a week?
There is no requirement as to how many classes you have to teach. Each teacher sets their OWN schedule and can open up as much or as little as they want. I do suggest when you are first starting out to open up as much as you can to have a better chance of being booked. This job truly is setting your own schedule!

What is the pay?
VIPKID advertises from $14-22/hour. Personally, I would say its around the $18-$20/hour range starting out. You are actually paid a base rate plus additional bonuses for each class you teach (classes are 25 minutes long-scheduled in 30 minute blocks) but equals out to be about $18-20/hour. 

Do you actually get paid?
Yes! Every month :) I have never had a problem receiving my payment. 

What are the requirements?
1. A Bachelor's Degree (in anything)
2. 1 year of teaching experience (this includes mentoring, homeschooling, tutoring, and other life experiences--just ask me if you aren't sure!)
3. Eligibility to work in the United States or Canada

What if I am not a teacher?
You don't have to be! You just need at least one year of experience doing some type of teaching or working with kids. Personally, I do not have traditional classroom experience. It has not affected me getting this job or being booked by parents to teach their child. 

I don't have an extra room for a classroom. Where do I teach from?
ANYWHERE! I repeat anywhere! You just need a corner or wall somewhere. I have a post about my "classroom" set- up here It is currently September 2019 and in my 9 months of teaching, I have not had a traditional classroom. I have taught from both my dining room and laundry room. Let me be an encouragement that you really can teach from anywhere and make it work. 

What does teaching classes work? Do I have to come up with lessons myself?
VIPKID provides lessons :) When you receive a booking, you are able to view and prepare for the lesson. I have a post on how I prepare for classes here. A few minutes before your class time, login to the teaching portal, select your class and enter your classroom, start class AT the scheduled time, teach for 25 minutes, say goodbye, end class and exit. Then submit feedback for your class (you have 12 hours to do so) or enter your next class and repeat :)

Do I have to wear orange when I teach?
No! Although, orange is VIPKID's official color and it is suggested that you wear it, it is not a requirement. Personally, I just wear a plain colored shirt or sweater :)

Do I have to sign people up?
No you do not.  You do have a referral code and will receive a one time bonus if you refer someone and they teach their first class. So if you are ever sharing with family or friends someone  is interested, pass your referral code onto them and help answer their questions. That being said you never ever have to share if you don't want to. It is just an additional option. 

Will I actually get booked?
Yes! And I can help you. I started teaching during the slowest month of the year (February) and had to wait a few weeks before I started receiving bookings, but I have never had a problem getting and staying booked. I have tips and tricks to help you get booked!

What's the catch? 
There is none! This really is the perfect job to do from home. It's flexible (you set your own hours!), it's rewarding (the students are great!), and the hours work outside a traditional 8-5 job. Teaching ESL is a great way to make a little extra money whether you already have a job and would like to add additional income or if you don't have a job and are wanting to do something that doesn't require leaving your house or getting childcare. Personally, this job has been rewarding and such a blessing to me. It's fun, it's flexible, and it allows me to be at home with my kids.

I hope this answered some of your questions! And if you have additional questions, comment below or e-mail me. I have found a lot of joy in this job and I hope I can pass it on.  Happy Teaching!

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If you would like to apply, you can do so HERE or add my referral code ERIN00532
(that's erin-zero-zero-five-three-two)

I personally walk my referrals through each step of the application process and support them as they begin to teach. I have additional resources and tips to help my referrals be successful and save them time. If you are interested in teaching ESL, I would love to help you get started because this has been a huge blessing to me!

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