Monday, September 16, 2019

VIPKID: Trial Classes

Happy Monday! Today's post is all about VIPKID Trial classes- what they are, tips for teaching them, and deciding if they are right for you.

1. What are Trial Classes?
Ever wanted to try out a free exercise class for yourself or a (music, art, sport) class for your kid before you commit to paying for it? That is exactly what a Trial class is. Trial classes give potential students a glimpse into VIPKID and  allow the potential student to try a class (or two or three) for free. Trial classes should be fun and educational.

Trial classes are booked by VIPKID and potential students can take up to 3 Trial classes.  There are 2 Trial class certifications: MC Trial Class 3.0 and MC Trial Class 3.0 Plus. MC Trial Class 3.0 has 6 lessons and MC Trial Class 3.0 Plus has 4 lessons.

 2. Tips for Teaching Trial Classes

Be prepared for every lesson
I cannot tell you how many times I have entered a Trial class only to be switched to a different student and lesson a few minutes into class. I suggest preparing for each lesson when you first get the Trial certification. Make a note card for each lesson and then pull your lesson notes out when you have a Trial class. That way if you are switched to a different lesson you are prepared and have your notes handy! For tips on preparing for class visit HERE.

Have Fun
Trial classes are designed to give students the best learning experience and to make them feel comfortable learning English. These students are BUSY and often taking classes at night when they are exhausted. Be a bright spot in their day, make them smile, and have fun in class! Plus, you want them to sign up! If they sign up after your class, you receive a $5 bonus. And they may choose you to teach them in MC classes so you may just gain a new student!

**Potential students can take up to 3 Trial classes. If the student signs up, the last teacher to teach them before they sign up receives a $5 signup incentive. 

Be Prepared for a No Show
Because Trial classes are free for the student, they have a higher rate of the student being a no show (SNS). If you do not have a student, wait in class until 15 minutes and then end the class. You will receive half of your base rate + $1 for class participation + $1 IF you teach at least 45 classes that month. Student no show classes are a great time to work on feedback from other classes, prep for future classes, work on other things, read etc.

Expect Anything
You never know what you are going to get when you teach a Trial class. I have taught entire families, watched a mom chase her small child around for half of the class, had students who refused to talk the entire lesson, had kids screaming into the microphone the entire lesson (turn those headphones down!), and much more. I've also had some of my favorite students come from Trial classes. It's so fun to see their faces light up when they see a teacher for the first time. It's fun to get to know a new student when upper level students can have conversations and answer questions about themselves and where they live. There is a lot of variety in Trial classes!

3. Are Trial Classes for Me?
If you don't mind being a little flexible, definitely teach Trial classes. Even if you aren't sure that they are for you, try and see if you like teaching them.  You never know you may just love teaching Trial classes! Definitely teach a handful of them before deciding if you like them or not, and if you decide that teaching Trial classes is not for you, you can always have the certification removed.

When I opened up my schedule and started teaching, I taught A LOT of Trial classes. As my schedule has filled with regular Major Course (MC) students, I have much less open spots for Trial classes to be booked. I usually teach one or two Trial classes a week now. I do enjoy the variety they bring to my teaching schedule, and seeing them on my schedule alleviates prep time for me because I already have my lesson notes. In fact, I don't even view what lesson I will be teaching until I enter the classroom and see my student is there (a few minutes before class).

I say GO FOR IT and try Trial classes!

What are your best tips for teaching Trial classes? 

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