Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Favorites {1.10.20}

Happy Friday! I am finally back blogging...a little :) I have been M.I.A since October because....well see favorite #1!  It's kept me busy plus with the holidays and all, I just haven't had time to blog which also had me thinking a lot about how I want to spend my time and evaluating my plans for this little blog.  I will get to that at the bottom of my post.

I had every intention of posting this on the first Friday of January, and then on the second Friday of January, and now here we are on the third Friday, and I finally have this post together. As I have reflected a lot on 2019 I thought I would share my favorites from the year. There is a little of everything- new businesses I've found, products I've liked, favorite book of 2019, vacation, a big purchase, and so on.  Today, I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share. Happy Reading!

My very FAVORITE thing from 2019: On October 30th, we closed on a house! We stopped on the way home from closing to pick up a moving truck, and moved right on in. We love this house and are finally feeling settled (although it looks a little empty!). So far we have tackled a few painting projects and replaced the carpet, but we have a lot more projects in our future. I've never been much of a DIY'er but am finding that I really enjoy doing it and am excited to learn some new skills.  I don't have many pictures yet as nothing is really completed but here is our fireplace and my current FAVORITE spot.

Currently, I have a few painting projects underway and then hope to move on to board and batten and possibly even shiplap! If you have done either board and batten or shiplap, please give me your best tips!

Reading has been a FAVORITE of mine for forever! I didn't read nearly as much as I wanted in 2019, but I did manage to read about 35 books. I didn't keep track of them all that well but the one that stuck out the most and that may just be my new FAVORITE thriller was.....The Silent Patient.
This book is about a famous painter (Alicia) who shoots her husband and then never speaks another word. Six (ish) years later a criminal psychotherapist gets the opportunity to work with Alicia and is determined to get her to talk. I wasn't sure how this book could possibly be that good when one of the main characters is not speaking BUT it is! When I got to the end and the final twist my jaw dropped!

In 2019, I started working again....BUT this time from HOME! yay! In February, I started teaching English to students in China, and this is one of my most FAVORITE things. Teaching brings me a lot of joy, and I am so thankful.  I didn't know how much I needed this-something for myself, something to use to my brain in a different way, something to make a little extra money.

I found two new small business this year that have become FAVORITES of mine.
Small Business #1:
Anything Mama Co.
One of my best friends started this company dedicated to all natural bath and body products. I really love these products and they are a favorite among my kids too. My two very favorite Anything Mama Co. products are the bath bombs and the vanilla, sweet milk, and honey shea butter and emu oil scrub. My skin has never felt so soft.

Small Business #2
Seattle Elderberry
I have been reading about the benefits of elderberry for a long time and have wanted to incorporate it into my family's daily routine; however, I was too intimidated to make it myself and didn't even know where to begin finding a place to order it until someone I know suggested Seattle Elderberry. I've been ordering bottles and have a DIY kit arriving soon. It tastes delicious (even my picky kids love it) and I definitely noticed it's benefits when I had a terrible cold recently. Because it is a small business, the owner ships on Tuesdays and Fridays but she does offer one of her products Elderberry Syrup with Honey  ( my personal favorite) right HERE on Amazon for faster shipping (the price is a little more expensive though).

We traveled a few places this year- a family vacation in Baltimore and Washington D.C. and then a 10th anniversary trip to New York City. Both were great but my FAVORITE....our trip to Baltimore and D.C..

I just completed year 2 of doing this and have to say it is one of my FAVORITE traditions. I number the weeks of the year out 1-52 on a sticky note and each week I write something that happened that week, fold up my paper, and put it in a jar. Then on New Year's Eve my husband and I open them in order and review our year. It's so fun to look back on our year and remember the small stuff, the big stuff, and the plain ordinary stuff!

I've tried a lot of different make-up in my 34 years of life. Well I guess more like the last 20 years of my life. I feel like I have tried it all- cheap, expensive, and everything in between. Well this year I discovered my FAVORITE makeup and I am slowly switching all of my makeup to Beautycounter! Have you used it?! I have been trying to clean up my products and decided to look into Beautycounter. I took advantage of some of their sales this Fall and have been switching my makeup out to BC. My current favorites are the charcoal mask, tint skin hydrating foundation, and the romantic eye palette. If you use Beautycounter, what are your favorites??!

I am VERY new to home ownership and just dipping my feet in updating my house, but I wanted to share a little hack that I learned from one of my FAVORITE people that I follow on Instagram  Allie @prvbsthirtyonegirl- spray painting! She has spray painted counters using this (in white) and a lot of other things so when I went to do my first little makeover in our house (see before and after below) I spray painted the bathroom hardware and saved myself some money not having to replace them! I bought this can at my local Menards for under $4. I tried to link it on Amazon but it was coming up as way more money so head to your local hardware store to get this for under $4! Finding a cheap hack is always a FAVORITE of mine!

Here are the before and after pictures of our main bathroom (well partial pictures anyways!) and my FAVORITE house update for 2019.

** I clearly need to work on my picture taking skills for 2020 but you get the idea :)

Wall color is Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams (did you know Home Depot/Lowes/Menards can look up the paint colors and make the same color?! It saves money!!- always a FAVORITE of mine)

I found the this farmhouse light fixture on Amazon. It is $45.99 and currently has a $5 off coupon. It was easy to set up and I can't say enough good things about it!

Like I mentioned above, I did not have any time to put into this blog towards the end of the year as we moved and dove into the holiday season. It also had me thinking and debating whether I wanted to even blog anymore and I have done a lot of back and forth. Well I do want to blog, but I think I am going to change a lot of this blog. In the past, I have done a lot of blogging about my family and every day life. While I may do that from time to time, I plan to use this blog to share simple tips, updates as we totally re-do our house (nothing major-we aren't knocking down walls or anything) ourselves, and teaching tips for my fellow VIPKID teachers. I may not be here on a regular basis but I do still plan to be here!

Thanks for following along!

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  1. Welcome back Erin! Congratulations on your new home. It is so fun to make a home your own. I'm going to order that Elderberry syrup--like you said, I am also too intimidated to make my own.Happy weekend!